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Threading By Munaza, Master Threader & Brow Expert

Munaza Gilmore


Business Name:
Threading by Munaza.
Master threader and Brow Expert.

Location of Business:
Home based salon in meelick, swinford. Brow clinics in ballina, ballinrobe, Roscommon, castlebar and Westport. Open to new places who want to offer my unigue service

Contact Details
086 3514161,

What are the days, times and hours of business?
All day Monday and Tuesday,
After 5pm Wednesday to Thursday and Saturday

Can you please explain the history of eyebrow threading ?
My grandmother taught me the art.
She used to sit with me and show me how to thread my upper lip.
I have been threading since the age of 10.
Probably the first authentic threading service in Mayo with an established business for over 3 years and a client list of over 1000 women.
I pride myself in offering the best expertise incorporated with the latest trends and fashions.
I give 100% to each client and produce the best set of brows for your facial features and personal preferences

What qualifications do you have?
My degree is in Psychology.
I have a certificate from the British Beauty Academy in threading.
Exposed spray tan, 3D eyebrow sculpting abd building.
It’s the most gentlest form of hair removal dating back centuries with its origins from Asia.
The simple process involves a piece of thread that is twisted and pulled along areas of unwanted hair acting like a mini-lasso.
The thread lifts the hair follicle directly from the root without the use of any chemicals.

At what age would you say it is appropriate to start having your eyebrows threaded?
Threading can be done from the age that one feels conscious of their hair.
Its completely natural.
Young girls, teenagers are conscious of their middle brow which is easily removed in a few minutes.

Can both men and women be threaded? Both men and women can get threading done.
Women to shape and create the perfect arch.
For men its all about the natural grooming and with threading you wouldn’t know that they even got it done.

What is the cost of threading?
Starting cost is €20

Apart from eyebrows can any other part of the body hair be threaded?
Lip, chin, sides of face, neck

What should a person expect at their first session?
Discussing how you want your brows to look is essential to me as then I know exactly what you are looking for.
This gives me time to discuss shape, thickness and colour in detail to ensure you get the look you want.
Bring a photo of your brow idol too
We all have different pain thresholds and skin sensitivities.
Some people find threading a little uncomfortable however generally speaking it isn’t a painful experience.
The clean, smooth finish is worth the mild discomfort.
If you are prone to getting in grown hairs around the brow area, you should exfoliate the area before your treatment to enable easy removal.
Avoid covering post appointment redness with makeup as it may further irritate the skin.
Some redness is normal around the brow following threading.
I apply either rosewater, witch hazel, aloe vera to soothe the area

How often should threading be done?
I would recommend regular threading appointments every 2-4 weeks, depending on your personal rate of hair growth.
As the brow hairs start to grow back, its important to resist plucking them as it may ruin your shape I have created for you.
An easy way to avoid over plucking is to make your net appointment before you leave.
With threading, hair grows back considerably finer and softer as opposed to waxing as hair is pulled out from the follicle leading to a systematic hair growth.
It is claimed that threading eventually slows down the hair growth.
After 2/3 sessions of threading you will notice a difference in hair texture and growth.

Are there any side effects?
With Threading, the top layer of the skin is not peeled or traumatised which would otherwise give the appearance of dry skin, redness and little bumps around the area. Dermatologists preferred method of facial hair removal has been threading for decades as they believe it is the most non aggressive method out there that is gentle on the skin.
The massaging motion of the cotton thread against the skin further prevents the formation of wrinkles, also making it an anti-ageing measure.

What aftercare if any is needed? Completely natural so no aftercare required.

Why should a person "thread" instead of "wax"
Threading is gentler than its waxing.
If you have sensitive skin, it may be the best method of keeping your brows in tip-top shape.
Threading is absolutely the best option for those with sensitive skin.
Threading is the least invasive method of hair removal and unlike waxing, threading does not remove a layer of skin and doesn’t contain any chemicals like depilatory cream, leaving the skin clean and smooth.

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