Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Ebay Queen

Anna-Lee Kewley is a young mother who once worked a professional job as a Litigation Consultant in a bank but despite being a good job the pay wasn't great and her earnings per year was only £12,000.
After two pregnancies she calculated that she'd only earn £2.00 per day after paying for childcare.
While on maternity leave from work she had a de-clutter of books and clothes which she sold on EBay.
In one week she earned £230.
She researched EBay and after selling products she made £24,000 in her first year which had increased since than.
So she then decided to leave work and set up an EBay shop where she now works from the comfort of her own home.
Due to her success she appeared in The Irish Sun newspaper.
As quoted from Anna-Lee Kewley, "The Sun article has been written very much that my income & sales is all through eBay, this isn't the case, around 2% goes via eBay the other 98% is via my own"
Below is an interview which took place between myself and Anna-Lee Kewley in relation to her EBay shop.


Name: Anna-lee Kewley

Age: 32

What is your EBay shop called? 

What is your website address?

What products do you sell? 
My own brand cool baby & kids clothing.

Where do you get your products from? 
My manufacturers are based in Turkey, UK & India.

When and why (in your own words) did you establish the business? 
October 2010.
Whilst pregnant with my first child, I found baby boys clothes to very boring & uninspiring with a lack of choice compared to girls, I've always coo-ed over baby outfits & looking at childcare costs if I returned to work after having my child, I'd see £2 per day, not even enough to cover my bus fare to work!
We couldn't afford for me to not be bringing in any income & so the idea of Baby Moo's was born with less than £250 to start.

What are the pros and cons of working from home?
Pros include flexibility around the needs of children & minimal overheads.
Cons include always being surrounded by work which makes it hard to turn off & relax, as a single parent working from home also meant I could go days without any adult conversation & sometimes felt isolated.
What are the pros and cons of working on EBay?
Pros of selling via eBay include the fact eBay essential work as your marketing team for you, which can save you a great deal of money not having to pump this into your own advertising & marketing, also eBay obviously has a giant market & so plenty of eyeballs to see your items.
eBay also make it very easy & accessible to sell outside the UK.

Cons are competition, unless you are selling your own product on eBay you are almost undoubtedly going to have some competition selling the same item/s, eBay buyers I find to be fairly price conscious, it is easy to then fall into a price war with your competition which creates smaller margins (for both of you!)

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