Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Pretty & Plastic

James Holt is a young man with a difference.
He has had many cosmetic treatments/procedures and plans to get more in the near future.

Cosmetic Surgery is when a person has an operation in order to alter and enhance their body and appearance.
Cosmetic Treatments are nonsurgical procedures to also alter and enhance the body and appearance.

Why do people want to have such treatments/procedures you may ask;
Firstly we are all born and inherited with genes, as we grow and develop over the years some of us feel our genes are "wrong" and in order to correct them we follow in the path of treatments/procedures.
Some people feel their genetics are a big motivation for altering and enhancing their body and appearance.
In some cases people have a negative attitude towards the aging process so they want to alter and enhance their body and appearance in order to look younger for longer.

In today's society, the media dictates what society views as attractive.
And for some people they feel they don't fit in.

However no matter what the reason, there is nothing wrong with wanting to alter and enhance one's body.

James is very open-minded and is a great man.
My discussion with him was a real eye-opener and I want to thank him for agreeing to this interview with me in regards to his body transformations.
I wish James the very best of luck with his future treatments/procedures.


Name: James Holt

Age: 22

How do you fund your treatments?
I fund my treatments by being a web cam model and a sugar baby.

What cosmetic treatments have you had done?
The cosmetic treatments that have had are; cheeks, lips, botox, jawline, chin, nose, filler, eye ducts, everything on my face really.

At what age did you get your first treatment and at what cost?
My first cosmetics procedure was at 17 and it was £500.

Do the treatments hurt?
No the treatments do no hurt, I love it.

Are there any side effects?
There are some side affects like swelling but not much more.

According to The Sun newspaper, it states you are "addicted to cosmetic treatments"
Is this true?
Yes I am very much addicted to cosmetics.

Also...according to The Sun newspaper, it states that Kim Kardashian is your idol and you are trying to enhance your body with cosmetic treatments in order to look just like her, is this true?
Kim kardashian isn't my idol, the sun just ran with that and I don't want to look like

The Sun newspaper also stated that you were rushed to hospital due to a cosmetic procedure that went wrong, us this true?
I was never rushed to hospital the sun totally made that up.

The Sun stated that you said the following, "I want to look really plastic and fake"
Is this true and why?
Yes I do want to look really fake and plastic, it's just the look I like.

What treatments do you plan to get in the future?
I'm getting my nose done, basically head
to toe, I'm  having loads done.

Are your friends and family supportive or do they object to your treatments?
My family are not supportive of my look.

Are you worried about any complications that may arise dye to your treatments?
I am not worried about complications, I just think about the final result.

Due to the statements made by The Sun in regards to Kim Kardashian, I asked what you'd do if you could spend 24 hours with her and you said
"I wouldn't even want to be with Kim for 24 hours, I refer Chloe Khan.
And I ask, if Kim Kardashian were to read this right now, what would you say/think?
You said " I'd be excited that she knew who I was, but not to bothered"

If someone reading this are interested in having cosmetic procedures, what advice would you give them?
My advice would be to research and speak over the phone.
Don't feel pressured once there to get procedures.

Do you have any regrets?
I don't have any regrets.

Who is your fashion/body idol and inspiration?
Chloe Khan is my everything, I love her work, ethic,style and look.
I love everything about her!

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