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Steven Hydes, The Man With No Identity (The Gary Gatwick Story)

Abandonment of babies often leads to the suffering from physical damage due to neglect, malnutrition, starvation and abuse but Steven Hydes was infact cared for which means he was loved.
Steven was clothed, had blankets to keep him warm, he was clean and was contented when his biological mother abandoned him.
However, Steven now a grown man with a family of his own and a living adoptive family, still harbours painful wounds that are deep in his heart and mind.
The painful wounds that Steven carries with him on a daily basis are wounds of not knowing who he really is.
One of my personal mottos in life is "you can't miss what you never had" but in Steven's case he had a connection and a bond with his biological mother for approximately 10 days before she abandoned him, even if he has no recognition of this.
Steven has questions such as;
Why he was abandoned?
Did his biological mother give him a name?
When his birthday is?
What his medical history is?
And so much more.
Steven is struggling without this vital information in which he deserves to know.
Steven wants closure on his past so he can finally open the door to his future but the questions he wants answers to are holding him in limbo.
My advice to Steven's biological mother is this;

"If you are reading this and you are too scared to come forward simply make contact via letter with one of the links I've added below so you can give the answers that your biological son wants"


Steven's DNA was submitted to Geneticist Dr Jim Wilson of Edinburgh University and results confirmed that his biological parents to be from Scotland, England, Ireland, France or Germany.
Therefore I've attracted some links that maybe useful to Steven and/or his biological mother if she happens to one day read this blog.



Scotland & England

Ireland & England



An Interview With Steven Hydes aka Gary Gatwick.

Steven Gary Hydes


West Sussex, England

When were you found abandoned?
I was found on the 10th April 1986 in the afternoon.

Where were you found?
I was found in the ladies toilets at Gatwick airport.

Who found you?
A lady who worked in the duty free found me before she went to start her shift.

How old were you when you were found?
Doctors believed I was approximately around 10days old

What were you wearing when you were found?
I was found wearing two baby grows and 3 blankets.

What was your condition upon being found?
I was clean and content and was asleep, when I was found

How long were you in foster care for?
I was in foster care for around 6 months

Why were you nicknamed Gary Gatwick?
I was nicknamed Gary Gatwick after their mascot and airport

What television shoes etc have you appeared on over the years?
Over the last 12 years I have appeared on a many tv shows some of them being GMTV, The News, This Morning, also Radio and National Newspapers.
I have appeared in 2 documentaries one of them went world wide and I have appeared on The Late Late Show In Ireland.

Geneticist Dr Jim Wilson of Edinburgh University tested your DNA, what were the results?
Dr Jim Wilson was the first person to help me with DNA testing and upload it to various databases and back then my closest match was a 5th cousin but this did give me a rough idea of countries which was European with British, Irish possibly Scotland, France, Germany this is because all these countries are close together.

You have been helped by Missing Family Organisation, but how? is a non-profit community organisation `they raise funds to pay for DNA testing, they help with searches, and act as an intermediary service when biological family are found. you can read more about them at

Today you are a grown man with a family of your own.
You live with your partner Sammy Collins and your two children, Alanna & Kian.
Are your children aware of your story?
Yes, my children are aware of my story. My son is only 4 so he doesn't really understand it however my daughter who is 8 does and we took them to Gatwick on the 10th of April of this year for the first time to show them where I was found.

Despite having a wonderful upbringing within a living adoptive family, why do you want to find your biological parents?
I want to appeal for my biological parents to come forward because I would like to know who they are and where I came from.
I believe they cared for me and it must have been a hard decision they made as I was approximately 10 days old and had been well looked after.
Someone had me in their care for approximately ten days, I wasn't newly born which makes me think they did want me but possibly just could not keep me for whatever reason.
I also would like to know if I have any siblings out there, as well as medical history and just to know what my name was or what day I was born would be great.

When did you become aware you were adopted?
I have always known I was adopted.
When I was young, around age 4-5 years old, my mum would always show me the baby book she made me.
It contained all my newspaper clippings and told it to me as a story.

How do you adoptive family feel in regards to you searching for your biological parents?
My adoptive family are really supportive of my search and help me in any way they can.

If your biological mother / birth mother happened to read this blog, what would you say to her?
If my birth mother was reading this now I would say;

"It would be great to hear from you, I not angry or upset and I understand we both have families out there and I would not want to invade in your family as they may not know about me.
You don't have to come to me directly, if you don't want to.
There are "missing family organisations" you could contact or you can confide in someone to make contact.
You do not need to worry about the media or police as you will not be in any trouble. Everything would be in the strictest of confidence and I would want to protect your identity.
You have two grandchildren who would also like to meet you.
The only blood relatives I have our my children so to find any other family members would mean a lot to me.
I am prepared for anything and understand that you, my biological mother may not want to know me but just to know who you are and why would give me some achievement.
I will then have closure and I will know who I am.
I also believe that you must have confided in someone as I'm not sure you can hide a baby for ten days unnoticed and alone"

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