Friday, 8 April 2016

FLiuch Magazine

A group of Irish speaking students has worked together in order to launch Ireland's first ever online porn magazine which is written in the native language.

The magazine is suitable for both sexes, includes sex advice and illustrations of sex acts plus much more.

The students agreed to an interview with me, below are the details.


What is the magazine name and meaning?
FLIuch, means wet

When and why was it established?
Two days ago, for the craic!

Why is the magazine in Gaelic?
That's our first language, (the team involved in putting it together)

Where do you obtain your research from? From our heads and the internet

At what cost is the magazine to purchase?

How large is your reader base?

What is the primary focus of your magazine?
Porn as Gaeilge

Can the magazine be viewed online?
If so please provide the link here!

Does your magazine offer competitions? No

Does your magazine offer a "problem page" ?

Who is your target customer?
Irish speakers who like porn

Who are your biggest competitors? Hustler, Playboy and Foinse

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