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Jacky Newcomb





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Jacky Newcomb

Jacky Newcomb born October 16th 1962 lives in the UK with her husband of 30+ years and her cat called Tigger.

Jacky is an angel and afterlife expert.

Jacky is also a Sunday Times and Amazon author.

Jacky is a regular guest on national television and features in the press.

Jacky writes a monthly column for Take A Break - Fate & Fortune magazine plus various other magazines worldwide.

Jacky has also featured in her film called "Jacky Newcombe & Shirley Crichton: Angels" which is a 2005 spiritual/documentary.
The runtime is 51 minutes.
The DVD can be purchased via


An Interview With Jacky Newcomb

What is your definition of consciousness in the physical world compared to consciousness in the nonphysical world?
In our physical world we are mainly asleep; we have very little awareness of who we are, why we are here or even what our own planet looks like.
In the non-physical world we have more of an overview, we see more of what is going on and have advance notice of things that are happening (or likely to happen), a little way ahead.
But our awareness depends on our soul growth/what stage in our journey we are on.

What types of entities are common in the after life?
Human spirits, animal spirits, angels and wise teacher-beings.
Of course this is just the dimension that we are aware of as passing spirits; as we advance on the 'other side' we become aware of more and more.

What role does time and space play in reincarnation?
Time and space only exist in our earth dimension.
'Time as we know it' doesn't exist elsewhere.
Imagine, like a cd, rather than a beginning, middle or end that you travel along, you are above the CD like a pendulum and can play any track you want in any order by just dropping the point down at any place along the disk from a central point.
A simplistic explanation.
You can choose to jump into lives in any order or even 'try them on for size'n(Borrowing someone else's CD or playing a track on a different CD), learning the lessons others have learnt by 'wearing' the life for a while or playing it all the way through.
It's complicated and this doesn't even begin to cover it.

How do you communicate with angels?
Well they communicate with us all but its a matter of just tuning in.
I don't really see them in the way you might imagine but do feel guided by them.
They arrange 'co-incidences', bring signs and I sometimes hear and sense things in my mind.
I also have many experiences when I am asleep.
I also see spirits when I am asleep, I have visitations in which deceased loved ones come to visit and chat, sometimes for no particular reason and other times to pass on information.

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