Friday, 15 April 2016

The Green Room Beauty Salon Studio

Upon entering The Green Room you will always receive a warm and pleasant welcome from staff at the reception.
The reception area has comfortable seating and is beautifully decorated, there is a television and magazines available for clients who are waiting plus a water machine too.
There is a customer/staff toilet which is clean.
From my own personal opinion on visiting The Green Room, the private room (treatment room) I personally have been inside had a bed, a chair, storage units with a mirror.
The room is tastefully decorated and has a tranquil atmosphere.
Both the reception area, the salon in general and the treatment room is of contemporary decoration which is beautiful.
I personally have had several treatments at The Green Room and for reference here is my review of a treatment
"My treatment was an eyebrow wax.
As I laid down on the bed a magnifying light was turned on and adjusted above my head so as the eyebrows could be seen more clearly.
My eyebrows and surrounding area were cleansed then the warm wax and strips were applied to the centre, above and underneath my eyebrows.
Once the wax had hardened the strips were quickly ripped off.
Any stray hairs left behind were gently removed with tweezers.
A cleanser was then applied to remove residue plus a skin soothed to help reduce redness.
I was shown my results in the handheld mirror"
I was, as always very happy with the treatment I received and all the treatments I've had since then.
I will continue to use the services of The Green Room.

If you live in Swinford or the surrounding areas (or simply passing through) and you are interested in a beauty treatment then I highly recommend you to visit The Green Room, you won't be disappointed.

The Green Room Beauty Studios
Beauty Salon
Davitt Place
Co Mayo

Owner/Manager: Megan Durkin

Tel: 09490 50555


Twitter: Green_roombeaut


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