Monday, 11 April 2016

Massbrook Boarding Kennels

Massbrook Boarding Kennels
Co Mayo

+353 874191490 (mobile)
+353 949256310 (landline)


Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday / 9am - 6pm

Massbrook Boarding Kennels is where your dogs are taken care of while you are away on holiday or have commitments to take care of.

Mr Jon Binley's family established this business in 1993.
Today it is owned and professionally run by Jon Binley, his wife Allison and there 5 children.
And let's not forget their own family of fur-babies.

Jon Binley kindly agreed to an interview with me which you can view here.

If you have a dog(s) and plan to go on holiday or have upcoming commitments and need your dog(s) taken care of then I suggest you contact Jon Binley at Massbrook Boarding Kennels.





When and why was your business established?
It was established by my parents and myself in 1993.
There wasn't a boarding kennel in the area, also there wasn't anyone training dogs and we kept being asked, so it made sense.

How many kennels do you have?
We have fourteen kennels.

At what cost are the kennels?
We charge €12 per night per dog. Discounts are given when the owner has multiple dogs that share.
We do not share any dogs other than those from same family, I know others do share but I think it's madness!!!!

Are you licensed and registered?
We are licensed and registered by mayo county council as a boarding and training establishment.
We are fully insured for public and employers liability.
I am an approved IKC trainer and also a field trial B judge.

What does your dog training consist of?
A basic training course is six weeks and we teach the dog to sit, stay, walk to heel, with and without a lead.
Recall from a sit and sit stops distance. upto 30 yards then that progresses.
Also we give advise on care and socialisation.
Six classes for the cost of five total per dog is €125.

How do you advertise your business?
We advertise in local papers and will be starting on the radio soon.

How are the dogs cared for while in your care?
Dogs that are boarding are exercised 3/4 times per day  in a secure 1 acre grass paddock that they can run around and relax in, we spend lots of time playing and socialising the dogs.

What is the longest that dogs can stay with you?
There is no maximum length but we once had a dog for nearly six months!!

What training do you have?
I am a qualified trainer ( humans)!!!!!
I spent my youth running hotels and training staff so very similar !
I have been training dogs for just about my whole life but professional for twenty years.

What additional I formation can you please share with me?
I am an active member of the Irish kennel club and I am on the ard chomhairle of the Irish kennel club.
Field trials are competitions for working & shooting dogs and I am a field judge for that.

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