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Natures Garden Health Food Shop

Natures Garden Health Food Shop
Market Street
County Mayo

Tel: 094 92 53377




Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday.            10 am - 6 pm
Sunday.                                Closed

The people of Swinford are privileged to have a health food shop because many small towns don't have them.

Natures Garden Health Food is situated along Market Street in Swinford.

Upon entering the premises you are greeted with a warm welcome from either;
Connie Gillespie (full time staff member) who has been apart of the team, all 10 years since starting, in April 2006 and has done distance learning and other health food training courses.
Michelle Golden (part time staff member)
Or the Chemist staff who cover lunchtimes.
The shop has lots to offer and everything is on display.
If there is a particular product you require which isn't currently in stock, the staff members take details in order to try and locate the product for you.
All staff members are polite, welcoming and assertive.

Ian Johnson kindly agreed to an interview with me in regards to the business.


An Interview With Ian Johnson.

What is the shop's name?
Natures Garden Health Food Shop

When and why was the business established?
Established in April 2006 as we felt there was a need locally for a range of specifically sourced health foods and vitamins and allied products not provided for in the town.

Where is your business located?
Located on Market St in Swinford just a few doors away from O'Donnell's totalhealth Pharmacy, our sister shop.

What is the purpose of your business?
Purpose to provide high quality health foods, vitamins, supplements and specific items not stocked by other establishments in the town and provide them at a good price point to the customer.

What products do you sell?
We sell items such as, Herbal Teas, Gluten free products, Probiotics, Vitamins, Soya Milks, Goats Milk Powder, environmentally friendly washing liquids & detergents, No Ammonia or peroxide Hair Colours, Allergen free creams & ointments, Spelt Flour, Brown Rice & Pasta's, Nuts, Seeds, Fair Trade Coffee, Herbs & Spices, Cranberry Juices, Prune Juices, Rochester Ginger.
All types of Cereals, (museli etc), Protein powders and bars, high energy snack bars, to name but a few.......

Where do your products come from?
Stock sourced mainly from,
Irish Independent Health Foods, Cork
Wholefoods Wholesale, Dublin
Naturalife, Wicklow
Natural Medicine Company, Dublin
and a couple of small local suppliers

Who are your biggest competitors?
Biggest competitiors, All Large to medium sized supermarkets plus Pharmacies who stock health foods.

Who are your customers?
Customers are mainly local to the Swinford area but we do have a few who travel from surrounding towns were our products are not available.

What would you take into consideration when ordering new stock?
Our consideration in ordering is looking back at previous sales and orders, checking the sales on the till from the previous two or three months and also what customers ask us for.
Making sure we do not over stock as many of our items have a short shelf life due the nature of the product.

How do you promote your business?
We do not do too much promoting of the business.
It is mainly word of mouth between customers and a little on Facebook through the pharmacy's site.

You are currently celebrating 10 years of business, what are your plans for the future of the business?
Future plans are to continue to serve the people of Swinford and the surrounding areas with high quality health foods and products and to give helpful advice with a smile....


A huge congratulations are in order for 10 years of success and many more to come.

Congratulations to;
Ian Johnson (manager)
Connie Gillespie (full time staff member)
Michelle Golden (part time staff member)
And let's not forget the staff who cover the lunchtime shifts.

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