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Migraines are recurrent headaches with very severe pain.
It affects the head and is often accompanied by nausea and sometimes disturbed vision.
They eyes can feel very sore.
Sufferers can be sensitive to noise and light, they also have a lack of energy.

What is your name and age?
Name: Stephanie Cochrane, Age: 27.

When were you diagnosed with migraines?
I was diagnosed with "cluster headaches" when I fell pregnant with my first child just over 10yrs ago.
At first they were called cluster headaches thought to be caused by pregnancy but when they didn't go away after a year of having my son I was referred to a Neurologist who done a whole array of scans and tests but couldn't find any define answer to what caused them or what they are.

What treatment are you given?
I have been on many different many medications, most of which were epileptic medications which have been known to help with migraine sufferers none of which worked.

Does this condition affect your appetite, weight, sleep etc?
It's effects my sleep and my appetite as on my bad days I can barely see, let alone want to eat and can't fall asleep when they are bad.

Are there any triggers that set this condition off?
There is nothing in particular that sets them off as I wake up every day with one.
The neurologist thought it was perhaps something hormonal as they reduced in frequency when I had my second child but came back avengance when I had my third child.

What medication are you prescribed?
I take Tramadol daily which has completely changed my life.
It's the only medication that hasn't made me drowsy, as I hate the feeling and it actually keeps me pain free most of the day which I haven't had in a long time.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate a good day and a bad day?
On a good day I would probably rate it about an 8 and on a bad day a 1.

Please explain in detail what a bad day is like for you?
A bad day for me usually means being woken up in the very early hours of the morning with my skull feeling like it's about to explode.
I usually try ice packs and warm baths to see if those help first, if not I will take my first dose of medication which usually barely touch it.
Then I suffer through another 4 hrs before I can take another dose which will dampen it down a little more and then it's usually me stuck on sofa still unable to really move or do anything, trying not to vomit whilst assuring my kids I'm fine and trying to sort them out.

What advice would you give other sufferers of this condition?
The advice I would give is find a good GP who will actually listen to you and not try and fob you off as so many did with me over the years.
I doubt I will ever be fully pain free but the amazing GP who I have just now is doing her damn  best and listened when I found a medication that's worked so much better than the rest.

Apart from the migraines, what other symptoms if any do you have?
Other than the common symptoms from migraines such as nausea, sickness their aren't really aren't any other symptoms.




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