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Sianagh Gallagher, GB Paraclimber

Sianagh Gallagher was born 10 weeks prematurely.
She was born with just one arm, no collarbone, a curved spine, twisted pelvis, dislocated knee and both her feet were facing the wrong way.
But despite such complications, little Sianagh fought for her life against all the odds and grew to be the young woman she is today.
Sianagh is one in a million and an inspiration to many.
Today Sianagh is a member and team captain of the GB Paraclimbing Team in England.
She competes in national and international competitions.
Sianagh has already competed in France and Italy where she was awarded the Bronze medal.
Sianagh also won the Gold medal for the IFSC Paraclimbing Cup in London, UK.
Paraclimbing is a sport for people, such as Sianagh, who have a disability.




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An Interview With Sianagh Gallagher:

Sianagh Gallagher


Has your disability ever been an issue for you?
Only when I'm doing minor things such as tying my laces.
This can take a lot longer and it's frustrating when I'm in a rush!
Overall, I've learnt to just get on with things because having one arm is all I've ever known.

At what age did you start rock climbing?
I started climbing at the age 10

You are a member and also the team captain of the GB Paraclimbing Team, please explain in detail what that is?
Being a member of the GB Paraclimbing team gives me opportunities to represent my country in international competitions. I get to go and compete all over the world. 
Being the team captain of the GB Paraclimbing team means that I have the responsibility for making teammates feel confident, happy and stress-free in competition environments.
If they have a problem, they can come to me and open up and express how they feel.
I help them through any situation they may be in whether it's training, life in general or problems they have regarding competitions.

You are the only one-armed climber to ever compete at an international level in Europe, how does that make you feel?
I'm the only climber who has a full missing arm that competes internationally.
This means that I don't have a 'stump' to use when I'm climbing.
It makes me feel quite nervous as I have to up my game as my competitors climb with an added stump.
It's also very exciting because I know that the climbs will be tough but I am always prepared for a challenge!

You compete in national and international competitions;
You have competed in France and Italy, you received a Bronze medal.
What exactly did you do in order to win the Bronze medal?
We have to climb two roped climbs and if I've got enough points, I have to climb a roped climb in the finals.
Depending on how high I get will determine my place in the competition. So to get the bronze medal, I was the third highest in the finals of the competition.

What is the IFSC Paraclimbing Cup where you won a Gold medal?
I won a gold medal at an international competition in Austria - Imst 2014.

What is the highest you have climbed?
The highest I have ever climbed is around 21 metres.

To those reading this who have a disability but want to achieve their personal goals, what would you say to them?
I would say, do not be afraid to adventure out of your comfort zone.
Yes, things may seem a little daunting and you may be worried that you won't do as well as others due to your disability. But don't stop trying.
Your personal goals are for you and you only.
If you want to succeed in something then go out there and do it.
Don't let anything hold you back in life because it's too unpredictable for self-doubt and "maybe tomorrow" attitudes. You really can do anything if you want it bad enough.

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