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Sophia Young was born a hermaphrodite otherwise known as intersex.
A hermaphrodite or intersex is a person's reference to one's body but why should we be labeled as anything other than a "human being"

Being born with this condition does not create a gender or sexual orientation.

This simply means that a person is born with both male and female characteristics.

It wasn't until a later age that the medical profession came to the conclusion that Sophia was infact born a hermaphrodite.

Even in today's society, the cause is still not 100% determined.

The condition itself is split into four sections;
46, XX Intersex
46, XY Intersex
True Gonadal Intersex
Complex or Undetermined Intersex
The 46, XX Intersex is when a female is born with ovaries, the clitoris is larger than usual and is similar in looks to that of a penis, also the vaginal labia are fused together as one.
The 46, XY Intersex is when a male is born with abnormal genitals and the testes are either normal, malformed or absent.
The True Gonadal Intersex is when there is both ovarian and testicular tissue, the genitals may be ambiguous or of both sexes.
The Complex or Undetermined Intersex is a chromosomal combination where there is missing or extra X or Y chromosomes leading to issues with sexual development and sexual hormone levels.

Most of us take our bodies for granted, by what we eat or drink, we are the makers of our own wellbeing and by doing so we should treat our bodies with the love and respect we deserve.
However, some of us spend hundreds, often thousands trying to change our bodies when they were perfect as they were.
But let's give a thought to those with this condition who may have been born with more than they required and most who have struggled in life trying to figure out who they really are.

Sophia Young kindly agreed to an interview with me regarding this condition.


Sophia Young


Sophia was born with normal female sex organs but because more ambiguous as she became older, this was noticeable at the ages of 8-9.

Sophia told me that at the time her parents were told of this diagnosis, her parents being parents were typical assholes about it especially her brother.

It breaks my heart to say but Sophia told me that due to her condition she receives negativity.

Sophia would like to have surgery to remove the male sex organs so she can carry on her life as the woman who she deserves to be.

Sadly Sophia is sterile so motherhood is out of the question.

Thankfully Sophia has good friends who she receives regular support from.

I asked Sophia, for those in her situation what advice would she give them, she replied;
"Do whatever makes you're comfortable with, fuck the haters"

Sophia started modeling in late 2014 and turned it up in 2015, she is currently managed by "Romel Management".
Sophia tells me the highs of modeling is its great fun and the lows are you have a certain number of years-old that you can keep up the modeling charade before you're redundant.
She continued by saying, its best to start young, but unfortunately she started at 21.

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