Saturday, 16 April 2016

Lady Luck Tattoo

Although tattoos are not for everybody, others such as myself are big fans of them.
I have 24 tattoos.
I have now grown accustomed to the usual questions such as; the whys, how, when and what in regards to my tattoos.
I do NOT think people should go ahead and be reckless and ink their entire body with ‘tramp stamps’.
I am simply providing an insight on why I am inked, and why I wear them proudly on my body.

Art exists in various forms, some take to the streets in the form of rebellious graffiti.
Others paint abstract paintings and display them in an exhibition for a price.

Think before you ink!
Someone could make a rash decision to tattoo a Mickey Mouse on their back, which they may end up regretting when they are about to put on their wedding gown.

Some people are judgemental towards those of us with tattoos.
Do not judge us because you do not or cannot understand our reasons as to why we have them.
Having ink doesn’t mean we do not eat healthy, that we do not work out or that we do not respect our body.
We do not judge you for being narrow minded, do not judge us for being openly expressive. 


My friend Zoe kindly agreed to an interview with me in regards to her tattoo business.

Zoe is a tattoo artist situated in Tolan Street, Ballina, Co Mayo.

*My name is Zoe and I have been tattooing for fifteen years, mostly in the U.K but for the past couple of years in the West of Ireland.

*Our business is in Ballina and called Lady Luck and my partner and I do both tattoos and piercings.

*I have several folders of drawings and photographs and literally thousands of photos on Facebook pages which makes up my portfolio.

*Wherever possible we use single use disposable items and then use an autoclave to sterilise certain items.
Brand new needles are used every time for our customers and the packets are opened in front of them to demonstrate this.

*The aftercare I recommend is to wash the tattoo twice a day with ordinary soap and water then apply a small amount of a simple fragrance free moisturiser but you would be surprised how many people totally ignore my advice and put allsorts of unnecessary chemicals onto their fresh tattoos just because their friend told them to do it!!!

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