Saturday, 30 April 2016


Teresa is a mother of three who has been diagnosed with C.O.P.D
this condition otherwise known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a serious lung disease that makes breathing very difficult.
Sadly its "progressive" which means over time the condition will get worse.

Teresa kindly agreed to an interview with me so as to raise awareness of this condition.


What is your name and age?
My name is teresa I'm 47

When were you diagnosed with C.O.P.D?
I was diagnosed with c.o.p.d  2  years ago.

What is C.O.P.D
c.o.p.d is a lung disease.

What symptoms do you have?
It is a struggle to breath most days. 
I'm prone to getting chest infections.
I can't walk too far as I get breathless.

What medication do you use?
I use 3 inhalers and 1 nebuliser four times per day.

Is this condition hereditary?
It is not a hereditary.

What causes this condition?
Smoking is one of the common causes but in rare cases it's not so, even if you  don't smoke you can still get it.

Is there a cure?
There is no cure.

What advice would you give someone with this condition?
If you are worried  you think you might have this go to your GP as soon as possible.
If you also have asthma too as that's why I went to the doctor, thinking my asthma was playing up.
I was sent to hospital for a chest x-ray.
I waited 10  days and then I was told that I'm very poorly and that I got this condition  c.o.p.d.
I sat with my asthma nurse, I just froze.
I cried I couldn't belive it.
I'm 45, I thought.. I've got 3 kids  23/18/15.
But my nurse and doctor are the best trying to help me give up smoking as it'd making my condition worse. 
If I never went to see my GP as my breathing was getting worse and I had a bad cough I don't think I'll ever would of found out I got this condition.
Also don't ignore a cough, get it checked!





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