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Lymphoedema Awareness

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Susanne Brown, an actress from the UK is diagnosed with Lymphoedema which is a high protein fluid beneath the skin.
Swelling occurs as a result of this condition, making it seem as if the person is overweight.
The swelling can occur in the arm(s), leg(s), breast, head, neck and/or genitals.
This is normally a result of lymph vessels that are damaged or lymph nodes that have been removed.
When the condition persists in a certain part of the body, more fluid can be gained, resulting in more swelling.
No one knows the exact cause of this condition although some suggests that babies can be born with abnormalities with in the lymphatic system.
However it can also develop during puberty or later in life.
Symptoms can include heavy limbs, tightness of skin, decreased flexibility as well as swelling.

The condition is divided into 4 stages:
Stage 0 - Non Viable Latency
Stage 1 - Spontaneously Reversible
Stage 2 - Spontaneously Irreversible
Stage 3 - Lymphostatic Elephantiasis

Susanne Brown kindly agreed to an interview with me in order to raise awareness of her medical condition and kindly answered questions regarding her career as an actress.


What medication were you prescribed once diagnosed with the condition? Creams, moisturisers,dressings but no pain relief.
I had to buy that over the counter.

Have you tried or would you consider MLD which is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?
In my early  stages the medical team did that.

Do you require any Compression Garments?
If so, are they available on the NHS?

Is it safe for you to use gym equipment? No

Is it safe for you to travel via plane?

Is it a struggle to find suitable and comfortable foot wear?
Yes, I often have to look for wide feet shoes

Is the condition inherited?

Is it life threatening?

What does your daily management of living with this condition consist of?Making sure I keep my legs well elevated, not eating too much salt and sugar, keeping the right temperature in a room and in the bath/shower.

Have people judged you in regards to your weight without knowing its caused by a medical condition, if so how did that make you feel? 
Yes and I have felt down about it sometimes but most of the time I am ok because I am used to it now

When and why did you first become interested in acting?
2 years  ago

What training have you had?

You appeared on Channel 5's documentary "On Benefits, Life On The Dole" how was that experience for you? So far its good because I have had a lot of good comments and a lot of people stop me  to say they saw me on tv.

What additional information can you share with me?
In regards to the documentary, On Benefits, Life On The Dole, I would say the way the programme  portrayed me and the way the papers did wasn't so good, it was deformation of character.


Susanne Brown: Actress.

Susanne Brown is now for featuring in the following films:
The Royals - 2015
You Are My Sunshine - 2015
The Wrong Floor - 2015
The Vicious Dead - 2016

Susanne has also appeared on the television series:
The Pub

Susanne appeared on Channel 5's Documentary:
On Benefits, Life On The Dole

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