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The "Breast" Side of Parenting

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An Interview With Naomi:

What is your name and age? I am Naomi Jael Covert and I am 21 Years old. 

What is your don's name and age? TJ (short for Anthony lee Covert JR) and he is 10 months old.

Why did you personally choose breast feeding over bottle feeding? Because it is simply better and more nourishing, with all the antibodies that protect him as long as he drinks breastmilk (and it reduces breastcancer in women)

Why do you think some people disagree with and criticise against breastfeeding? I personally think it is because some feel angered by the "breast is best" some who come from a different country ( states for example) it has been sexualized, tabooed, I dont know why but they were raised to believe you dont breast feed in public but wearing a shirt with big cleavage is ok (obviously that doesnt go for everybody). To be honest this question is hard to answer for me, because it has always been the number 1 rule for us when we grew up, that you breastfeed, unless you really can't.

I once read "breastfeeding is a way of sexualising one's breasts" what is your response to this statement? I think that is total nonsense. It makes no sense literally. Its a boob, nothing more. As soon as you become a mother boobs belong to the babies.

In Germany where you are located, it is the "norm" to breastfeed so why do you think it is different elsewhere by some? It is the norm, but there are also a few that chose bottle feeding over breastfeeding, simply because they dont get as much support anymore. Because they aren't taught how to eat, what to eat, what to drink to produce milk. Most also give up way to early, yes it hurts like hell at first but you can do it! I dont get how its not the norm in some countries, but I do think that both parents having to work in order to "feed" the family, probably had to do with becoming very formula friendly. Its just mindblowing how its "not accaptable" in some countries, or frowned upon.

What changes would you personally like to see in regards to breastfeeding? I do think everybody should do what they think is right and best. But I wish young/older moms could openly feed their kids without being shamed/ bashed. It shouldnt be a huge deal.

What advice would you give other breastfeed mothers? Just concentrate on what you are doing, do not feel ashamed, dont let them get to you, because usually when you breastfeed in none fancy dressed like I did, you cant even see a breast, and if they can see it, they could look away. Some babies take blankets, if thats the case with the mom, take the blanket, if its not the case, dont feel ashamed of feeding without a cover. Its not like you are flashing your boobs.


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