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Miss Kylie Garth is a unique and modified individual who's personality shines through her amazing body modifications and artwork via her tattoos.

Kylie kindly agreed to an interview with me.

The Interview:

Kylie Garth


Professional piercer and handpoke tattoos

How many tattoos, piercings and other body modifications do you have?
Right now I only have maybe 20 piercings, that includes a bunch of little ones in my ears.
I have had more but have taken out a bunch over the years.
Tattoos I have a lot, lots on my legs and one arm is completely covered

What do tattoos, piercings and body modifications mean to you personally? My piercings are very special to me as they were the starting point of me expressing myself on the outside.
They were the first step to me accepting myself and gave me confidence as a young teen, they don't have a specific meaning but what the represent as a whole is very important to me.
My body modifications are all very special individually.
Some have a very personal meaning to me that others may not understand, and as a whole I feel they complete me and they make me feel beautiful.

What do your friends/family think of your tattoos, piercings and body modifications?
My family and friends like everything I've done.
My mum is a very open minded person and raised me to be the same.
She said it doesn't matter what you do to yourself as long as you're a good person. I don't think that she ever thought about eyeball tattoos but she likes them.

What is your favourite tattoo, piercing and body modification?
I have favourite tattoos, I like the design but also the artist that did them.
I think if you have a bond with the artist and they have good energy that energy stays in the tattoos.
I don't only see a beautiful tattoo, I remember the positive experience of receiving a piece of the artist.

Do you have any regrets about any tattoos, piercings or body modifications? I have no regrets about anything I've done.

Do you plan to get anymore tattoos, piercings and body modifications?
I'll get more tiny piercings in my ears, and more tattoos but as far as heavy mods go I feel I am complete

When did you get your very first tattoo, piercing and body modification?
I got my first piercing at 14, it was my belly button and I lied about my age.

Do you feel there is stigma that comes with such body changes?
Yea I do, but you can't please everyone. You could be a banana split with cream and sprinkles, there's always going to be vegans, lactose intolerant people and people who hate sprinkles.
You will never please anyone no matter what you do.
As long as you are happy then that's all that matters 

Do you feel that body changes can have an effect on one's career?
Yes totally, I think it can limit you, or it can trap you.
I think the more alternative educated people out in the work force the better.
If you are the best for the job then eyeball tattoos won't/shouldn't matter.

For those wanting a tattoo, piercing or modification what advice would you give? Research your artist.
Look for healed pictures, and a lot of them not just one.
Make sure you are comfortable with the person, and their skill level.


Publications Kylie Has Featured In:!Guest-Artist-Kylie-Garth/x0yv3/56bae81d0cf2fb0f6ff794a2

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