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An Interview With Geraldine.

What is your name and age?
I'm Geraldine Patton & I'm 35.

What is your business called?
My business is called "Mini Me Yoga with Geraldine".

Where are you located?
I am an Ambassador for Mini Me Yoga in the north-west region (I cover from Donegal Town to Mayo). 
I don't own the whole Mini Me Yoga business - I'm just one of its many Ambassadors around the world. 
I have been doing it for the past year. 

Why did you start the business?
I got involved as I had been looking for yoga classes for my own children & I couldn't find anything suitable in the area.

What qualifications do you have?
I am not a yoga instructor but I love practising yoga myself and I wanted my own kids to feel the benefit of it too. 
I got training from Kate Bartram Brown (who owns Mini Me Yoga) in how to deliver the programme.

Please tell me a little about the yoga book?
The book is Kate's and it's an outline of the 2 hour workshop that I teach. 
It's available to buy from Amazon. 
It is aimed at the same people the workshop is aimed at - parents, teachers and early childhood educators.

What does the workshop consist of?
The 2 hour workshop is consists of going through the 15 minute daily programme that we would do with the children. 
We take our time going through breathing techniques, practice some positive thinking, learn some simple yoga poses, and meditation. 
This all very child friendly and age appropriate. 
The vast majority of the programme is through the use of imagination and games. 
It costs €50 per person and this includes a set of "Magick" yoga cards (these are very child friendly colourful cards that have positive words and the yoga poses on them).

Who are the classes aimed at?
Do you teach yoga in schools?
I teach children's classes in Bundoran & Ballyshannon, but I have a full time job so Mini Me Yoga is just part-time in the evenings for me so I cannot go to schools to teach it unfortunately.
The classes are for 4-8yr olds and 8-12 yr olds. 
Younger children can also do yoga but I don't cater classes for these! 
Parents and childcare providers who attend the workshop can do yoga with younger children in their care.
Mini Me Yoga is designed to be above all else fun for children to do! 
I have been practicing it for over a year now with my own children (aged between under 2 and just over 6) and they all love it and get different things out of it. 
They are not intensive but they are a great way for children to use up some energy at the same time - the idea is that they are exercising, having fun & thinking positively!

Can children with physical challenges take part?
Yes children with physical challenges can practice yoga - some of the poses can be adapted to suit their ability. 

What will a child benefit from yoga?
Yoga is beneficial for children as it helps them to learn at an early age how to deal with stress, helps decrease behaviour problems, helps increase academic performance and also helps them to connect to the world around them.

How do you promote your business?
I mostly promote my business on Facebook. 
I sometimes take out advertisements in local papers etc. 
I am currently advertising my newest part of the Mini Me programme - children's yoga birthday parties.

What further information can you share?
You can get loads more info from Kate's website

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