Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Dog's World

Jo-Rosie Haffenden is an animal behaviourist and the owner of Scool4Dogs (along with Debbie).
Jo-Rosie's dogs have appeared on Channel 4, BBC and ITV television adverts.
They have also worked alongside Vogue, Cosmopolitan, GQ and Topshop.
And let's not forget they have featured in 2 shorts films and 2 comedy series.
Jo-Rosie along with her partner (and fellow dog trainer) Nando Brown have currently been working on a new series for Channel 4 which should be aired next month.

Jo-Rosie kindly agreed to an interview with me regarding her life and her work with dogs.


The Interview:

What is an animal behaviourist?
An animal behaviourist is someone who is qualified to work with animals that show problem and/or abnormal behaviour like.
For example, separation anxiety - which is when an animal becomes distressed when they left or separated from their primary caregiver.

What training/qualifications do you have?
There are many different journeys into dog training and behaviour.
It's important to have a thorough understanding of the science (and academia is a super way to get this); as well a practical experience.
I got a degree in psychology and specialised in zoology.
Then I gained a post grad in animal behaviour.
During study I was lucky enough to work at an animal hospital where I developed my practical and handling skills as I became accredited.
There is no real regulation in the industry however the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers provides a very good mix of theory and face-face hands on practical in their assessment which is why I think it's an excellent accreditation scheme.

What is Real Dog Yoga?
Real Dog Yoga is a concept I developed when I started working with one of my own dogs.
It involves training dogs to take and hold specific postures which help them to learn to practice relaxation, calmness and control - key features for being a good pet dog.

What is School4Dogs?
School4Dogs is a training centre owned and run by myself, my business partner Debbie.
We are lucky to work with a team of wonderful trainers and behaviourist and we provide training and behaviour throughout the whole of Sussex.

What does a Dog Yoga class consist of?
Dog yoga workshops are run by accredited instructors throughout the country at varying costs.
These workshops are for owners and their dogs.
I also run instructor workshops which are a week long and run at rescue centres handling the dog looking for homes.

You are the proud author of a book called The Real Dog Yoga, where is this available to purchase?
To learn more about Dog Yoga get the book which is available at

Your talented dogs have featured on television and in publications, please explain?
It sounds really funny but my dogs and my old Bengal are represented by an agent.
They been cast for various magazines and TV shows including GQ, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.
I've also just finished filming a series with Channel 4 with my partner and fellow dog trainer, Nando Brown.
It's very exciting but I can't say much.
It should be out early next month.



The Real Yoga Dog (book)


  1. Nice to hear that, you have the training school and your book : "The Real Dog Yoga". I also love dogs, I will definitely go to buy this book, it seems interesting to me.