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Dr Dot Stein


Dr Dot Oil:


What is your name and age.
Dot Stein, age 48.
"Dr Dot"

When did you first start massaging?
I began massaging at the age of 5.
My hippie parents taught me massage techniques.
They often took me to music concerts at my first at the age of 2, which was Melanie.
Then I saw various Grateful Dead shows and other various concerts, including Frank Zappa, even before I was 12 years old.
I became a passionate music fan and knew that as I grew older I would have to find my own way into shows.
I began to use "bodywork" as a way to meet rockers and get into shows for free. I gave my first backstage massage to Def Leppard when I was 15, trading a massage for concert tickets and eventually ended up seeing more than 3,000 shows for free.

How did your childhood hobby become a lucrative profession?
My first paying client was Charlie Watts, from the Rolling Stones, in 1994.
Charlie insisted I had to start charging if I wanted people to take me seriously.
That was good advice!
I then went on three consecutive paid tours with the Rolling Stones.
I eventually went to massage school and got licensed, all while growing my star-studded clientele and assembling a like-minded, world wide staff of over 1,000 “Dot Bots” that I vetted and approved.

How did you earn the name “Dr. Dot?” Frank Zappa gave me the nickname in 1988, as I was massaging him and his band;
He called me “the Doctor”, “Doc” and then eventually “Dr. Dot”, as I was healing them.
So I just kept the nick name.  

What famous celebrities have you massaged?
My clients include hundreds of famous rock stars and celebrities, to name a few would be....
Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Russel Crowe, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum, Pharrell, Rihanna and many more.

Do you have a website?
website here:

What massage techniques do you use? 
I developed my own technique over the years, as I did start as a very small child working on my parents and their hippie friends but to describe it in writing to you, I would say a very strong, flowing Swedish massage, with acupressure and a tad of Rolfing thrown in.
But everyone I massage says they have never experienced my technique before.

What are some of the massage techniques that you use, would you consider unique and what benefits do they have?
*Spider Walk:
I "walk" up the back with my fingers, rolling the skin as I go, in one fluent motion, which in my opinion, looks and feels like a big spider walking up the back.
*Pizza Dough Method:
I stand at the patient's side, with both hands wide open, I twist the core of the body in between both hands in a kneading motion, very firmly, like I would pizza dough.
*Bite Method:
My most controversial technique, as no one else does this, but it is the celebrity favourite.
I naturally ask first if they want to try it, and before adding any oil, I bite the whole back up and down in a very fluent motion bit by bit, avoiding any bones.
I take big bites, obviously not firm enough to break skin, but firm and deep enough to go down, grab and "tenderize" the back muscles, warming them up for the real rub down that follows.
*Rolling Pin Method:
Put both forearms on the person's back, with elbows just an inch away from the spine.
Go north towards the head with one elbow; at the same time, go towards the buttocks with the other elbow and then drag them both back together in the middle.
Once again, please avoid bone on bone.
*The Rake:
Make your hands into a "rake" form and keep them like this, very stiff.
Rake the back from top to bottom. This takes a lot of strength when done correctly, but feels wonderful.

Do you use essential oils as part of your massage therapy?
Yes, I use my brand of Dr. Dot Massage Oils.
Dr. Dot Massage Oil is an invigorating, high performance and multi-purpose oil available in three different scents to accommodate every occasion: Jasmine to energize; Lavender to relax; The House Lounge fragrance for a sexy and seductive night.
With 96% of high quality of eco-certified Argan Oil the skin will be hydrated and moisturized during the massage process with Dr. Dot Massage Oil.
Yet, unlike other massage oils, Dr. Dot Massage Oil will not leave greasy residues on your skin, but will be absorbed within minutes after application.
It is very important to use a massage oil with multiple purposes and tastes.
I’m a mother of a 3 year old, and on top of that I run a business with more than 1,000 employees, so I know that time is a very precious commodity.
You don’t want to mess around with 20 different body care products for each area of the body; you want a one size fits all type of tool and that’s exactly what Dr. Dot Massage Oil is.
Using a cheap cream or lotion will ruin a massage as it will ball up constantly and annoy the client as well as the therapist.

What qualities should a client look for in a massage therapist? 
Experience, strength, dependability and clients should be able to FEEL if the therapist loves their job or not.
If they can not feel it, time to find a new one.

What should a client expect from a good massage session?
A warm, strong, silent, relaxing experience that leaves them feeling rejuvenated.
They should expect a quiet therapist. There is nothing worse than a chatty massage therapists.
It is counter productive for both the client and the therapist.

What training/qualifications do you have? Deep Tissue Massage, Medical Massage, Reflexology and Anti-Cellulite Massage (VERY painful but effective) 

Where are you located?
I am Hoboken, NJ and sometimes and my other home in Berlin, Germany. 

Do you attend private sessions from a person's own home?
My whole company is out call (we deliver to homes, hotel, venue, studio and office)

How long is a session with you? Minmum of 90 minutes but some clients, including Adam Levine and Matisyahu receive 4 hour sessions from me. 

What does the session consist of? Deep Tissue massage. Scalp, face, feet- everything except THAT area. Some clients want my bite method before I put the oil on their backs to tenderize them, like a steak... sounds odd but it feels sublime. 

At what cost is a session?
Starts at 150 euro per hour (rates rise after ten pm, then again after midnight, then again after 2am, etc)

How do you promote your business?
I don't.
Word of mouth.
It has always been that way. 

For those reading this blog who want a career in the massage industry, what advice would you give them?
Always opt for Deep Tissue.
You can always go lighter but you need to be able to give a sports massage/ Deep tissue as people want to really feel it, they don't want to be pet.
Also, I would advise all male therapists to study to be a chiropractor first then take deep tissue/Sports massage classes. Why? 90% of clients ask for a female therapist.
Even the females.
But if you are also a chiropractor or acupuncturist, you will be heavily sought after

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