Thursday, 5 May 2016

Spider Bite

Little Ella-Rose was bitten by a suspected False Widow Spider and suffered the consequences.
She was hospitalised and treated with antibiotics via an IV Drip.

Ella-Rose' mother Bobbie-Louise kindly agreed to talk to me about what happened...


The Interview:

What is your daughter's name and age?
Ella-Rose (4)

When did you first notice the blister-like mark on your daughter?
Ella-Rose had been visiting her dad for the weekend (we've separated) I noticed a mark on her skin while I was helping her change into her pyjamas after she'd arrived back home.

When you visited your GP, what was his/her reaction?
The following morning, the mark has got bigger in size so I took Ella-Rose to the doctor.
At first, he wasn't too worried so prescribed antibiotics.

How was it treated?
It was treated with antibiotics.

After the visit to the GP, what symptoms did your daughter start to show?
Ella-Rose began vomiting and the mark had tripled in size.

Your daughter was referred to William Harvey Hospital for treatment, what treatment did she receive?
Ella-Rose was given antibiotics through an IV Drip.

Soon after, it was confirmed that your daughter had suffered the consequences of a Spider Bite, what type if spider did they assume did this?
They suggested it was a "False Widow Spider" due to the fact that its the only spider in the UK that can cause such a reaction.

How long was your daughter hospitalised for?
Ella-Rose was hospitalised for 2 nights and 3 days.

Has your daughter suffered any affects since being discharged from hospital?
Ella-Rose is a bit skeptical about going to hospital now but she's fine and made a full recovery with no scarring.

What advice would you give other people in this situation?
If you notice a red mark, similar to a bite don't hesitate to get it seen to.
The quicker the antibiotics are in system the better.


Help & Support:




The False Widow Spider:

Technically named Steatoda Nobilis has a brown bulbous with cream markings similar to the design of a skull and reddish-orange legs.

A female us 9.5 to 14 mm in size.
A male is 7 to 11 mm in size.

Males produce by scraping 10-12 teeth on the abdomen.

The spider was first seen in Germany during 2011.

It is originally from The Canary Island and Madeira.

The False Widow Spider is venomous with mild effects but can sometimes be severe.
However the REAL Black Widow Spider has very severe consequences.

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