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Kidney Failure, Psoriasis & Stress

To have one health condition is a struggle but to have three is a nightmare, especially for Lynne who is 33 and diagnosed with Kidney Failure, Psoriasis and Stress.
Lynne kindly agreed to an interview with me so as to raise awareness, especially for those in the same situation as her.

Kidney Failure otherwise known as Renal Failure or Renal Insufficiency is when the kidney(s) are unable to filter waste products from the blood.
It can be caused due to sepsis, medications, rhabdomyolysis, multiple myeloma or hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that has an unpredictable and extremely irritating itch.
It is a result of the skin cells that multiply up to 10 times faster than normal.
When the cells reach the surface of the skin they die.
This causes red plaques that are raised and covered in white scales.
It can occur on the knees, hands, palms, scalp, elbows, torso and even on the soles of the feet.

Stress is a physical response to the body when it becomes under attack.
This can cause various reactions such as unnecessary bodily fluids, blood being diverted to the muscles, the body shutting down and so much more.


What is your name and age?
My name is Lynne and I'm 33.

When were you diagnosed with Kidney Failure?
I was diagnosed the day before my 20th birthday 16/08/2002

How was a diagnosis made?
It was all very sudden I'd been feeling unwell for a few weeks before, I'd also lost a lot of weight within 1 month in the March, but put that down to me getting a new PC and not really eating a lot.
I went on holiday, camping in North Wales with my family and 2 days into it I suffered a massive nosebleed after struggling to walk  and needing to sit down every few feet.
I had swollen ankles and I was breathlessness, my mum and dad decided to bring me home and I went to my GP on the Saturday as an emergency appointment where he said I was very anaemic.
I had to go back a few days later for urgent blood tests.
THe doctor rang later the same day and told me to get to hospital ASAP for tests on my kidneys, I was in hospital for 9 days.

What symptoms did/do you have?
I wet the bed right up until the March before (19yrs old) but the doctors and specialists just put it down to me being lazy.
When I got my new PC that suddenly stopped and was put down to me staying up all night chatting in AOL chatrooms, also a week or so before I was diagnosed I had swollen ankles due to not going to the toilet so fluid was collecting there, and there was also fluid on my lungs so I was very breathless.
I was very pale and off my food too.

How is it being treated and what medication are you given?
My kidneys are the size of a new born baby's kidneys. 
They didn't grown with the rest of my body and I had tests growing up but was told it was enuresis (bed wetting) and was given tablets.
The tablets only made me worse, on my patient view page it says 'cause unknown'

I have dialysis 4 hours, 3 times a week.

I am on heparin infusion during dialysis, I also take vitamins, an injection to boost red blood cells(epo), iron infusion, and a fortisip each dialysis.
At home I am taking 2 alfacalcidol daily, as my parathyroids were removed in 2010, also paracetamol and cocodamol when needed.

How does this affect your life?
I have been on dialysis 14 years, but moved to a new unit 2 years ago due to moving to a new area.
I was taken off the list during the move, and went back on it a month later.
I am currently not on the listcos I had a heart attack last July which caused my heart to stop (cardiac arrest) and I was in an induced coma for 2 weeks.
I now have 2 months left until I can be considered to go back on the list for a transplant, my fiance was tested 12 months ago to be a live donor but he is not a match.

What support do you receive?
The only support I receive is from my family and friends.
The dialysis nurses are not very good at being able to talk to at my unit.
I had money stolen twice while I was asleep during treatment, so I don't trust them.

When were you diagnosed with Psoriasis?
I have had psoriasis since I was 14 years old.

Is it hereditary?
My great grandad had it, and my mum too, I was just the unlucky one out of my siblings.

What symptoms do you have?
Red skin with silvery flaky skin over, and very itchy, it also flares up when I am stressed or in winter.

What treatment do you receive?
I just use a body milk on it.
I was giving betnovate twice by the doctor but it made the itching worse so I just buy lotion from lidl.
It seems to be OK at the moment, although when I was in a coma they were putting steroid cream on it and my skin was clear when I woke up, but they won't give it me to use at home (reason unknown).

What medication do you use?
No medication, only over the counter lotion.

Are there any alternative therapies you can use?
Sunbeds are meant to be good for it, also dead Sea salt, preferably laying in the dead sea but that's impossible for me.

When were you diagnosed with stress?
I have been stressed since I was 13 years old, when I was a victim of a paedophile.
I never told anyone until I was 21 which was 3 years after he had died.
I realised when he died it was too late to report him so I withdrew from everything and eventually had a breakdown.
I then told my parents and 2 nurses that I trusted (at old unit) who helped me through it.

How do you relieve yourself from stress?
I relieve stress by going on my games console, my partner bought me an Xbox 1 so I go on that a lot.
Before I met him I never really had any hobbies.
Now I go ice skating when I'm not in too much pain and we have a dog so I  walk him to the park.

Have you tried meditation or yoga?
I don't think yoga would be any good for me as I have very low calcium and I also get terrible, unbearable cramps almost every night after dialysis and sometimes still have it the day after too.


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