Monday, 9 May 2016

The Big Freeze

Hypothermia is a medical emergency that happens when the body loses heat faster than it can produce heat.
This causes a dangerously low body temperature.
When the body temperature drops, the organs can't work as normal.
If the condition is left untreated then the  hypothermia can lead to complete failure of your heart and respiratory system, this will then cause death.
Hypothermia is caused by the exposure to the cold.

Karlee Jay Daubeney, a former employee at Subway was working the evening shift.
Upon closing up at the end of the day and while alone she became trapped inside the walk-in fridge until the following morning.
Her temperature dropped and once found she went home but was soon hospitalised.
As a result she suffered with her mental health.
Despite being awarded compensation, the money received can't make Karlee Jay Daubeney feel "normal" again.

Karlee Jay Daubeney kindly agreed to an interview with me in regards to her ordeal.


The Interview

What is your name and age?
My name is Karlee Jay Daubeney.
I've just turned 21 on the third of May, during the time of the incident I was 19!

What is a sandwich artist?
A sandwich artist is the cringey term subway utilises to label your job description which entails making sandwiches all day, there are sections within this classed as "meat and great" and salad bar!

When did you become a sandwich artist?
I became a sandwich artist in December 2014.
I only worked there for 28 days before the incident occurred!

While at work you entered the walk-in fridge, the door closed behind you.
You were enclosed inside with no way of escaping.
What was your initial reaction?
My initial reaction was pure shock, followed with a nervous laugh but that laugh was only short lived as pretty much instantly within pushing the door a few times I realised there was no way out.
I specifically remember searching my pockets and apron over and over again thinking "please let my phone be here" and after numerous attempts I realised it wasn't and that I'd left it on the front desk!

How big is the inside of the walk-in fridge?
The inside of Subway's fridges are very small and compact, they are full to the brim with different vegetables and milk cartons, in addition a big metal bread holder that takes up most of the room, although thank god for the vegetable boxes as I actually used them to sit on!

Approximately what was the temperature inside the fridge?
The temperature in Subway's fridges are always below 4oc I believe it was 3 and under due to the frozen meat inside causing the temperature to drop lower!

What signs and symptoms of hypothermia did you have?
The signs and symptoms I showed were permanent low body temperature, not being able to feel my toes at all, I suffered dry skin and headaches.
A sickness and cold stomach cramps, in addition to this my skin was all bruised partially from my attempts to get out but in addition some of the discolouration was due to the coldness I endured.

At 7.30am the following morning, an employee named John arrived for work and found you.
What was your reaction?
When I saw the door open I didn't believe it was true.
I'd imagined that moment to happen over and over again in hope that id be released.
When it happened I was on the ground so I could see a light peer through the door, I knew this was either the moment I was dying and going to heaven or being saved. But John* actually had no idea I was in there, and he was only there to open the store the next day, all he said to me was "the f*ck" as he didn't believe id been in there all night, and neither did I!

You went home to your boyfriend Carl.
He and his mother Lisa took you to hospital.
What happened?
After I went home I spent time in a boiling hot bath, and no matter how hot and red my skin got I didn't feel any heat at all. After cuddling with as many blankets as there were in my flat, Carl decided it was time I had to go to hospital.
I couldn't walk at all due to my limbs hurting so much so Lisa drove us.
I had various tests to assure I'd be okay followed up by anti anxiety medication strong pain killers, and some counselling.

Since the ordeal, you have suffered with your mental health.
Please explain in detail?
Since the ordeal I've suffered on various different levels.
Things like going into a night club toilet cubical can make me nervous, but my main worry was the fact that the 4 years in restaurant work I've done could have gone to waste due to having panic attacks in walk in fridges.
I thought, what if I could never enter one again?

The incident went to court, what happened?
Subway were taken to court after attempting to plead innocent.
However they changed their sentence at the last minute and decided they were guilty.
Subway were fined over £6,000.
My personal reaction to this is that it wasn't enough, subway itself is actually the biggest restaurant chain in the entire world so they can easily make that money back within one minute of sales, where as it could take me years to feel normal again.


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