Monday, 2 May 2016

Depression & Anxiety

Emma is a young woman of 24 who is diagnosed with depression and anxiety which developed during her school years as a result of bullying.
Emma kindly agreed to an interview with me so as to help raise awareness of depression and anxiety but I'd like to raise awareness on bullying too.

Depression is a state of extremely low mood.
It has an affect on a person's thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
A person diagnosed with depression can lose interest in daily activities they once enjoyed.
They feel they may exist in this world but they feel they are not living in this world.

Anxiety is a normal emotion that can become problematic when it interferes with daily life and routines.
People with anxiety have difficulty relaxing and their mind is constantly racing.

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An Interview With Emma

What is your name and age?
My name is Emma and I'm 24.

When were you diagnosed with depression?
The medical profession didn't diagnose a type of depression, they just said that I have quite bad depression.
I was diagnosed when I was 14 but had it since I was around the age of 8.

What treatment have you received?
I have seen councillors and I did a mindfulness course which didn't really help.

Does this condition affect your appetite and sleep?
It does affect my appetite.
I just dont have motivation to eat healthy so I am quite a large woman.
My sleep patterns vary as my medication makes me tired but if I miss one I don't sleep till nearly 3 or 4am.

What caused your depression?
Bullying mainly caused my depression.
I cant say why I was bullied for "privacy reasons" but I got it into my head that I shouldn't be here.
I was bullied up until I left school for that reason and others because I was alternative and chunky.

What medication are you prescribed?
I am on mertazapine anti depressants.

If you were to rate your good and bad days from 1-10 what would you rate them?
Good days; 4 out of 10 
Bad days; 6 out of 10.

What is a typical "bad" day like for you?
On a bad day I'm exhausted mentally and physically.
I don't want to do anything but sit.
I don't want to talk or see people or leave the house.
I get thoughts of hurting myself but will never act upon them again. 

For those reading this blog who also have depression, what advice would you give them?
Advice for other sufferers is don't suffer in silence, see your GP for help and advice and even talk to family and friends.
A good support network is key to getting through.

When were you diagnosed with anxiety?
My anxiety started around the age of 14.
I was diagnosed the same time as I was diagnosed with depression.

What symptoms do you have?
I worry about everything.
I always imagine the worse.
I hate being in grouded places.
I always feel I've done something wrong and feel guilty about everything.
I say sorry for everything too.

What caused your anxiety?
Anxiety came as part of my depression, when I was bullied.

Were you given medication?
Medication - Same as depression.
(Read above)

What advice can you give someone with anxiety?
Advice - Same as depression.
(Read above)


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