Monday, 2 May 2016

Cuddle Me Soft (Reborn Dolls)

Fay is an artist who makes Reborn Dolls.
These dolls have life like features.
These dolls are intended for adult doll collectors however some women treat them as real life babies.

If you would like to see the talent that Fay can produce then visit her Facebook page or website.




An Interview With Fay, The Creator of Cuddle Me Soft.

What is your business called?
My Business is called Cuddle Me Soft.

Where are you located?
Florida, USA

When was the business established?
Based 100% online.
I begun learning the Art of Reborning in 2009.

What is a Reborn Doll?
A reborn doll is a vinyl doll that has been hand painted and given a realistic look.
My reborns vary in size, weight, and price based on the kit chosen.

Are the dolls for children, adults or ornamental reasons?
They are intended for Adult doll collectors. 

I've recently seen online that some women treat reborn dolls as real life life babies by bathing, dressing them etc.
Taking them for walks in a pram, having them in car seat.
Do you have customers like this?
What are your thoughts on thus?
I do have customers who dress up their Reborn Babies and take them out to the mall or store.
I myself love the first time reaction from a person who has never seen a reborn when they encounter my Art.  

Can you make twins and triplets?
I have created twins in the past.
Yes, twin and triplets are possible.

How much is a doll to buy?
Do you ship worldwide, if so how much is P&P?
Especially if ordered at the same time.
My reborns normally start at $1075 plus shipping.
I do offer  Worldwide shipping.
The shipping fee is based on the value and size of the Reborn Art Doll ordered.

How is payment accepted?
I currently accepted Credit and Debit card payments via Paypal. 

What is included with the doll?
All of my babies include clothing, a CMS bracelet, and birth certificate.


  1. I also love reborn dolls also visit, they just look real and amazing.

  2. Ordered this wonderful baby for your daughter for your birthday! Came on time and even better than we expected) Thank you for making the children happy, my daughter is delighted, mother too
    Thank you for the Best Reborn Dolls