Sunday, 8 May 2016

Charity Cycle For Crumlin Children's Hospital

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An Interview In Relation To The Charity Cycle.

Who is taking part in the charity cycle? Deborah and Shauna Bennett
Evander and Jason Brennan
Dylan Corr.

Why did you want to raise money and awareness for Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Crumlin, Dublin?
Crumlin has played a very important role for our family in the past two years and many to come.
The staff in the hospital are fantastic and we see them as super heroes!
The support and reassurance they provide is priceless.
You never really think about what goes on in these places until it affects you directly. 
Its an eye opener and for this reason we wanted to give something back to Crumlin by raising some much needed funds and awareness about the work they do.
It's never enough thanks but a token of our appreciation.  

Where will your cycle start and end?
Our cycle starts at Crumlin Children's Hospital and finishes in Louisburgh, Co.Mayo.    

How many miles will you cycle?
It's a distance of 280kms. (approximately 173+ miles)

When will the event take place?
The 19th and 20th July.  

Have you undergone and training for the cycle? 
We've been training since January so hopefully that'll stand to us. 

How are you promoting the event?
We have a Facebook page called "280km Cycle for Crumlin"            

If people wish to make a donation, where/how can they do so?
Donations can be made online at 
There are sponsorship cards around louisburgh town also!

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