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Youthreach Kiltimagh

Youthreach Kiltimagh
Balla Road
Co Mayo

Tel: 094-93-81338


Kiltimagh Further Education Centre otherwise know as Youthreach Kiltimagh is a centre aimed at early school leavers.
It gives them a second chance at education.

The Head of Centre / Coordinator Kathy Doherty kindly agreed to an interview with me.


What is the name of the Youthreach?
Youthreach Kiltimagh

When was it established?

What is your location?
Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland

What age group is it aimed at?
16 - 20 years old

What subjects do you offer?
English, Irish, Maths, Home Economics, CSPE, SPHE, Metalwork, Woodwork, ICT (Information Communication Technology), Spanish, Engineering, Graphics and Construction, HCT (Hotel, Catering and Tourism), Mechanics, Hair and Beauty, Leisure and Recreation, Vocational Preparation and work experience, Social Education and Enterprise

What is the purpose of Youthreach?
Youthreach gives students a second chance to get an Education.
It offers young people the opportunity to identify options within adult life, and provides them with opportunities to acquire certification.

Who is the head teacher?
Head of centre / Coordinator: Kathy Doherty
Resource Person : Peter Flanagan

How will Youthreach benefit a young person?
From taking part in the youthreach course we aim that the young person experiences success throughout the programme and actively participate in their education
• Personal, social and educational development.
• Promoting independence, personal autonomy and a pattern of lifelong learning.
• Integration into further education and training opportunities.
• Promoting active citizenship and social inclusion.

What exams are taken?
Junior Certificate
Leaving Certificate Applied

When do the exams take place?
Junior cert - practicals - before June and written exams - June
LCA - practicals and orals leading up to June written exam and final exams in June.
LCA is assessed on work completed with the course over the four terms (session 1 - 4) and is awarded the credits if they have 90% attendance (these are called key assignments).
LCA students do two subjects that they specialise in and in these subjects they get examined by an external examiner for tasks they complete in these subjects. other subjects also have tasks for example the Practical achievement task in year 2. The results of their leaving cert is the Key assignments + task scores + practical / oral scores + exam results and they are awarded a pass, merit or distinction

Who grades the exams?
External examiners appointed by the SEC (State Examinations Commission)

When are the results received?
At the end of each session into the next session the students will find out how they got on and gradually get through the 3 terms.
Finally after completing the 4th term (leaving cert year) they get the results in August of that year.
The Junior certs will get their results in September

What qualifications are awarded?
Level 3 - junior certificate
Level 4  - Leaving certificate applied

Can work be obtained through the qualifications alone?
Yes, after completing a leaving certificate but the requirements for many jobs are requiring further study.
Further study advancing on would always be promoted and students are advised in areas where their strengths lie.

What further education / training can a young person go on to achieve?
Typically after completing the level 4 they tend to go on to PLC courses to do a level 5 and then advance onto college. The young person can go onto achieve anything they wish as they are many different routes that can be taken. There is a girl I know who attended a youthreach centre in the west of Ireland and who is now studying for her doctorate (PhD) in Trinity College Dublin and holds down a permanent lecturing Job.

What are the rates of pay per person?
Under 16 & 17 - 40 euro + travel depending on miles from the centre
18 years plus - 160 euro + miles from the centre

What are the rates of travel allowance and who is eligible?
People over 16 not living in Kiltimagh
0-3 miles= 0 euro per week
3-5 = 4.60
5-10 = 11.90
10-20= 17.60
20-30 = 21.60
30-40= 27.70
40-50 = 32.60

How do you promote your service?
Social networking - facebook and twitter.
Meeting directly with school principals.
Printing leaflets.



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