Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Lee Hadwin - The Sleepwalking Artist

Lee Hadwin is a unique artist who subconsciously creates artistic masterpieces while he is asleep.

Lee's creations have been bought by many celebrities including Mr Donald Trump.

Lee is famous for his artwork however recently he made "headlines" after his generous gift  of one of his paintings to the value of £7,850 to a stranger; a stranger who had kindly paid for his £22 groceries after he'd lost his wallet.

Lee Hadwin kindly agreed to an interview with me in regards to his career as an artist.


An Interview With Lee Hadwin:

What is your name and age?
Lee Hadwin - 42 yrs of age
When and why did you first become interested in art?
I only really got interested in art around 6 years ago.
Prior to this I never really classified myself as an artist and had no artistic interest.
Who is your artistic role model and why?
Kandinsky - Just love the colours he uses
Where do you work?
Wherever I fall asleep really.
I have drawn in hotel room and whilst staying over at friends places.
Where is your artwork on display?
Recently it was on display at RISE Gallery, London.
My collection is stored on the premises and at my apartment.
I will be working on another exhibition later in the year.

What materials do you work with?
I work with almost any materials I can get my hands on.
Your usual art materials such as acrylic paints, Oils, pencils etc.
I have used coal and chicken bones from a barbeque in the past.

Which celebrities have purchased your artwork?
Donald Trump owns one of my paintings along with some other celebrities who have to remain private as they were private sales and I treat all clients with the same respect unless they tell me otherwise.

At what cost to purchase does your artwork start from?
I have pieces starting from a few hundred pounds up to thousands depending on the piece and what it means to me.
Also it does depend on how much press that piece has received in the past.

What is your most expensive piece of artwork to date?
I have several pieces priced at over £30000.00

While you were recently shopping in Tesco you realised you'd lost your wallet, a lady kindly paid for your groceries.
How did that make you feel?
I felt very overwhelmed, however at the time I think I was a little gobsmacked so to speak.
It was not until later on, on my way home I felt great appreciation and thanked the universe!

You soon returned the £22 cost of the groceries but you also sent her a painting to the value of £7,850 - why?
Well it was the least I could do.
I never sent the piece of art because I thought hey this is worth over £7k I did it as this is my profession and it was the one gift I could give and it was personal to me!

Why is the painting worth that much?
Most of my art work is valued through the art world so to speak.
I set the prices of each piece on how much publicity I have, my name, the way the art is produced and the story behind my pieces - It is Unique which also gives it more value.

The lady said she'd sell the painting and donate half the proceeds to a Breast Cancer Charity, how does that make you feel?
I made it clear to the lady that she can do whatever she decides to do with the piece.
She owns it.
However it is great if she can help such a great cause.


Lee Hadwin:



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