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Babysitter From Hell

Sian Regal and Sean Walther were new first-time parents to their handsome son Coby Walther.

Like all new parents they were tired and stressed but very happy too.
They arranged for Sean's sister Jessica Miles along with her partner Adam Boardman to babysit.

They didn't just randomly select a person they didn't know, they left their child with someone they loved and trusted.

However, Jessica's partner Adam unpremeditated an assault on Coby's tiny and defenceless body, causing actual bodily harm and leaving Coby near to death.

Here, Coby's mother Sian has kindly agreed to an interview with me in relation to the assault on her baby boy Coby.


What is your name and age?
Sian Regal 27

What is your partner's name and age? Sean Walther 26

What is your son's name and age?
Coby Walther 6

On a rare night off from parenting duties so as to spend time as a couple, who was responsible for taking care of Coby? Coby's aunty, Jessica Miles and her partner Adam Boardman

When you next saw Coby what was your initial reaction?
I didn't think.
I just grabbed Coby put him in the car and told Sean to keep talking to him and to try keep him awake, while I drove to the hospital.
It was all a blur

What injuries did Coby sustain?
Coby sustained severe bruising to the face and head, subdural brain haemorrhaging, a perforated ear drum, retinal damage, a fractured humerus and multiple rib fractures on both side

How were Coby's injuries dealt with and treated in hospital?
Coby received a cranioptomy which requires half of his skull being removed to accommodate the swelling of his brain.
He was placed into an induced coma and his body cooled

How long was Coby hospitalised for?
He was in intensive care for 3 weeks and in the ward for 2 months

When was Adam Boardman arrested and charged with the assault on Coby?
May 19 2010

What was Adam Boardman's sentencing in court?
He was sentenced all up 10 years with 6 and a half years in prison and 3 and a half years parole

As a result of Coby's injuries what is his prognosis for the future?
It is still to hard to tell but as it stands now he has no use of his left hand, he can use it to stabilise things but he does have difficulty.
He receives botox every 6 months to help with the tightness in his left arm and leg. He is also doing occupational therapy to help him overcome his obstacles that he encounters.
He will always have the left-sided weakness and physical impairment causing permanent difficulties with physical function as he grows.

Why does Coby need to attend a "special school" and not a "regular school"?
Coby has been diagnosed as moderate intellectual disability and also with his physical disabilities he needs more attention, which he gets at his special needs school

You mentioned how you'd like to do fundraising, what is that for?
I had hoped to raise funds to buy and to train a dog to be a companion dog for Coby to help with his meltdowns.
I was able to buy a dog "woofy" for Coby with money already fundraised for Coby through his gofundme page.
I was also hoping to fundraise just for the special things Coby requires that is not covered by funding as in;
*All the extra pairs of shoes he needs as he wears a pair down in a matter of weeks due to the dragging of his left leg. *The petrol that's needed to be going back and fourth to and from the hospital for appointments,
*The private swimming lessons,
*A specially modified bike for Coby to ride,
*To make a sensory friendly room for
Coby to help with his meltdowns.

"Coby requires just all them little things and its difficult to be able to provide all these things with my own finances alone"

How is the relationship between your partner and his sister since?
There is no relationship anymore

If you could write a message to Adam Boardman what would you say?
I would ask him why??!!!

"How could you do this to a defenceless little baby let alone someone else's child. You have left Coby to deal with the repercussions of what you done to him for the rest of his life.
This has not only put a great deal of pressure on him but me and Sean and also Coby's family having to see him struggle to do things that he should be able to do, to see him get so frustrated and have meltdowns because he wants to do something.
No matter how hard we try sometimes we just can't understand  how you get to "get out of jail" and get on with your life while
Coby will struggle for the rest of his life"

What advice would you give other parents/guardians in similar situations? Take it day by day, week by week.
Be strong for your children because they need you, they can teach you so much and show you just how strong you are. Children are incredible and even when faced with these hard challenges still seem to be able to smile.


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Coby's GoFundMe Page:

Please make a donation.
Big or small, every little helps to bring a smile to a little boy's face


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