Saturday, 4 June 2016

Internet Technology: The Good & The Bad.

There are good points and bad points to internet technology however if a person becomes addicted it can consume their life.


The Pros:
*Communication such as being able to connect one person with another via emails, chat rooms etc.
The communicate helps a person to get to know other people from all over the world.
"Information can be found instantly via search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
*Entertainment can be found online such as playing games, streaming videos, listening to music and even reading books. This may be why everyone is so glued to the screens.

The Cons:
*Personal details such as name, age, telephone and address can be seen and used in identity theft.
*Pornography such as violent, sexually explicit, and other illegal things can be easily accessed for viewing using the internet.
*Addiction cam be an issuing when someone can't bear to be with their social media and online games etc.
They spend more time in their virtual life than they do in their real ones.


The Interview:

What is your name and age?
Sarah Kochan, 32

What is your child's name and age?
Emily Hopkins, 8

At what age was she given her first electronic device?
4 & 1/2

What was it?

Approximately how many hours per day was/is she using technology?
She loves the iPad & desktop PC, I would say during the week 2 hours per day but at weekends anything up to 5 hours a day

What was/is her behaviour while using technology?
Quiet, sometimes frustrated (if playing games), moody.

What was/is her behaviour when she is unable to use technology?
Awful, crying, screaming, rude with a back chatting and blunt attitude.

Does she have other activities/interests/hobbies?
Yes she enjoys cross country running, part of a school team and fun runs.
She used to do dancing but recently decided she didn't want to do it any more and also brownies.

Have you tried rewarding her with internet access for a certain period of time by doing basic household chores?
I have mentioned she can't have the iPad until she tidies her room etc.
Or if she is good when we need to do a food shop or pop to town she will be allowed to use it.

What advice would you give other parents/guardians in relation to this?
I would say to limit time from the beginning, when it was new it was exciting to use, but now it's like a need and she's 'bored' if she is not playing on it, not interested in playing in the garden, it's always the toy/activity of choice.
I would also make the iPad stay in the living room and not to be taken all over the house and then hidden in their bedrooms.
I would use the iPad as a treat/ reward.
The iPad can seem a good option when parents need some peace but I would advise against using it for that reason.


If you are a parent/guardian if a child who is addicted to internet technology, what would you do to coax your child away from it?
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