Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Homeless In Ireland

The most common form of homelessness in Ireland (or anywhere) is "sleeping on the streets"

However, despite the fact that some people live in temporary accommodation such as Bed & Breakfast, hostel, night shelter or refuges they are still looked upon as homeless.

These people are surviving homelessness due to alcohol/drug abuse, running away from violence and/or sexual abuse, squatting or if they have been evicted illegally.

People can become homeless due to poverty, unemployment, abusive relationships and/or the breakdown of relationships, death of a loved one or illness are also known reasons.

Also young people leaving foster care often have no where to go and/or understand how to live alone, therefore they become homeless. is in connection with Focus Ireland, is a charity helping the homeless in Ireland.
If you would like to make a donation to this worthy charity you can do so online via the website.
You can also Text Home to 50300 on order to donate €2.00

Did you know that approximately up to 80 families per month are made homelessness.

The reason I have written this blog is because I saw a young man lying in the rain on the street in a sleeping bag outside Insomnia Coffee Shop in Ballsbridge, Dublin yesterday.
I was inside the cafe, he was looking in through the window.
I don't know his story, I am not one to judge but looking at him I felt guilt and pity.
Guilt because I was inside the cafe and had money to buy produce.
Pity because I saw how dirty, cold and wet he looked.
So I did my good deed for the day and bought a hot chocolate drink for €3.50 and I went outside and gave it to him.
He smelt terrible and I wanted to do more but I couldn't.
He thanked me and couldn't stop thanking me.
In my mind I gave him a warn drink, even if it just warmed him up for a few minutes rather than give him money that could be stolen, lost or spent on drugs/alcohol.

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