Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Q & A with iRadio Presenter

Oonagh O'Carroll

You should never ask a lady her age.

Why did you become a radio presenter?
I initially started off with a news background , I would have the chats with the male presenters and found that I really enjoyed it.  I learned that I was somewhat creative and could come up with ideas for radio sketches and features.  Eventually I was promoted to a Breakfast show co presenter and have stayed in that role since.

If you weren't a radio presenter, what would you be?
If I wasn't a radio presenter I would love to be an actress.  I was in a youth theatre group and loved being on stage.  I enjoy doing impressions and taking off accents.  I also taught drama to children.

What are the pros and cons of being a radio presenter?
Pros of being a radio presenter include having fun every day.  I laugh every single day and this is great for the soul.  I can be creative and every day is different.  I love talking to the listeners.  It's an adrenaline buzz like no other.
Cons of being a radio presenter include the early mornings.  You never get used to waking at 5 AM.  It can be a pressurised environment to keep listenership figures up consistently.

Who to date has been your favourite guest on iRadio and why?
I have been lucky enough to meet and interview a plethora of famous and amazing people.  Chris O dowd was one of my favourite as he was just so down to earth and was completely up for the crack.  Ed Sheeran was also a gem to interview , his demeanour is so lovely and friendly

What has been the worst and best moment on air?
Best thing to ever happen me on air is probably being surprised by Tommy Bowe and Bressie.  Also listeners came on to wish me the best of luck for my wedding.  That really made me well up.
Worst thing to happen on air is maybe when I used an expletive by accident.

If you could interview anyone on air who would it be and why?
If I could interview anyone it would prob be Jennifer Anniston ... I love her.

(I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Oonagh O'Carroll for taking part in this interview for my blog.
So, thank you Oonagh O'Carroll....
And if by any chance Jenniffer Anniston happens to read my blog, please contact Oonagh O'Carroll at iRadio because she would love to interview you)

And to all my readers if you don't already listen to the radio channel iRadio I highly recommend you do.


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