Sunday, 28 February 2016

Adam Croft

Adam Croft, is an author and actor who has won critical acclaim plus 3 Amazon bestsellers.
His "Kempston Hardwick mystery books" have been adapted into audio plays starring well known people on British television.

I personally have read two of his books; Too Close For Comfort and Rough Justice.
Too Close For Comfort is about a murder squad trying to solve the murder of a known prostitute.
Its a little bit short but still a good read with a little twist and mystery along the way.
Rough Justice is about a paedophile who has been found dead, the story makes the reader won "is it justice or something else".
While reading this book I was gripped intensely to each and every page.
I was addicted to this book.

Adam Croft



When did you first become interested in writing
I always have been. I've written stories ever since I was young. I don't remember a first story, as such. It's always been a part of me. I remember writing pirate stories for my brother when I was about 7, and writing scripts for my own soap opera on an old electric typewriter when I was about 11.

How many books have you published
Nine fiction books so far, plus a few non-fiction

Which has been your favourite material to write to date
Probably my psychological thrillers. They're a lot of fun and allow me to write from a first-person perspective and make bizarre things happen to ordinary people.

If you weren't a writer what would you be and why
Because I would never do anything else.

Adam Croft
Author and playwright
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