Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Dangers of Weight Loss Products

Matthew Whitby is a 27 year old Australian man who was unhappy with his weight.
As a result he bought weight loss products online but sadly the out come wasn't great.
Here is my interview with Matthew.

Matthew Whitby


Geraldton, Western Australia

Why did you decide to take weight loss products?
I was unhappy with my weight for a few years and it affected me a lot

What products did you take?
I took the garcinia cambogia tablets for 2 weeks once a day...
The hydroxy burn elite i took one scoop in a shake for 2 1/2 weeks but only one shake every 3 days

Where did you get the products from?
I bought the products online from here (Australia)

What side effects did you have?
Jaundice, so yellow eyes and yellow skin and became really fatigued each day

You were told by the medical profession that you only had two weeks to live, what went through your mind?
Well first it was disbelief and shock as you could imagine but shortly after fear and anxiety is what I felt...its hard to explain in a way

You had to have an emergency liver transplant and had no choice but to accept a liver with "hepatitis b".
What is the outcome?
As far as I know the hepatitis b will not affect me as long as I keep taking the medication I have for it, so it hasn't bothered me to much at all

Is your daily life effected in any way?
Well I will be limited to what work I can do. I usually have jobs with a fair bit of labour so that's limited the amount of jobs I can get and same applies to work. But the biggest affect is mentally trying to cope and get back into a usually routine of working...I do have flash backs every now and then but mentally its very hard to adjust even a year after the transplant

What advice or warnings would you give someone wanting to try weight loss products?
I would advise that you talk to your doctor or specialist before taking anything just show them what you want to take with the ingredient list and how you would use it, like what exercise you would be doing...I would rather people try do it naturally with a good diet, exercise and determination that is one of the messages I'm trying to get across.

Matthew took Garcinia Cambogia Tablets which is a tropical fruit used in weight loss supplements.
He also took Hydroxy Burn Elite which is a high protein, low carb and low fat shake.

According to most brands of Garcinia Cambogia Tablets have failed independent laboratory quality and quantity testing but why are they still available to buy online.

People with a normal liver function can develop liver problems with herbal extract toxicity.
Matthew's doctor said "the green tea extract is the most likely culprit for his liver failure"

According to there have been many cases of liver damage linked to such products.

Matthew now has to take medication for the rest of his life.
He has kindly agreed to this interview so as to spread the word and warn other people of the "dangers of weight loss products"
I personally would like to wish him well for the future.

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