Friday, 26 February 2016

Pee Wee Pumps

Michelle Holbrook is the creator and founder of Pee Wee Pumps which are "high heeled shoes" for babies aged 0-6 months.

Would you let your baby wear high heeled shoes?
Please comment below with your own personal opinions.

Michelle kindly agreed to an interview.

Michele Holbrook

Business Name:
Pee Wee Pumps


Contact Details: 

When and why did you start this business:
The idea for Pee Wee Pumps first originated in 2009, when founder Michele Holbrook first came across a pair of high heel infant crib shoes.
After telling herself that if she ever had a baby girl that she’d buy them, she was blessed with a beautiful daughter in 2012.
However, she wasn’t able to find the original infant crib heels, and after searching endlessly for a pair, she finally found one on an online auction site.
But to her dismay and disappointment, they were flawed when she received them.
They just wouldn’t stay on her daughter’s feet!
Determined to fix the problem, Michele went right to work modifying the structure of the tiny and fashionable high heels infant crib shoes.
After two years of brainstorming, she finally came up with a totally new design that caters to your baby.
The flexible soft shoe with a collasible heel that will form to your daughter’s foot, whether it’s narrow or wide, while its adjustable strap allows the shoe to stay on and provides a comfortable fit.
They are considered to be a Fun Photo Prop or Cute Fashion Accessory.

Do you cater for both sexes:
We only sell high heels for little girls at the moment

What age group are they aimed at:
0-6 months ONLY

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