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The Most Haunted Building In The World

Loftus Hall
Hook Head
New Ross
Co Wexford



Tel: 051-397728

Loftus Hall situated in County Wexford, Ireland is owned by Mr Aidan Quigley and his family.

Loftus Hall was named "The Most Haunted In The World"
Weather you believe in ghosts or not, Loftus Hall is still a wonderful and magnificent place to visit.

I had the opportunity to interview the owners, here are my questions and their answers.
I'm certain you'll find this a very interesting read.

What is the name of the Hotel/ House?
Loftus Hall.
Loftus Hall is a seasonal tourist attraction offering guided tours and much more...
Although Loftus Hall is in a state of disrepair; it's history, heritage, and fabled Legend shine through.
Both the Hall's exterior, and interior rooms, exude an eerie and fascinating feeling, and many of our visitors experience this in some form.

What is the location?
Loftus Hall is located on the haunting Hook Peninsula in South County Wexford, on the South East coast of Ireland.

When was the attraction established?
After being abandoned for a number of years, Loftus Hall was purchased by the current owners in 2011, and opened as an attraction for Halloween 2012.
In 2016 Loftus Hall is celebrating it's 666th Anniversary Year, as the first Hall built on the Loftus lands was in 1350.

You were named The Most Haunted House In The World in regards to that title, what have staff and customers experienced within the premises?
Following a visit from the world renowned U.S. Paranormal Investigators "Ghost Adventures" in 2014, their expert judgement of the paranormal classification of Loftus Hall quickly spread following Loftus Hall's feature on their TV Halloween Special Episode in 2014.
Loftus Hall's owners, staff, and locals had always been very aware of the Hall's paranormal accreditation, as anyone in close proximity of the Hall for an extended period has tales to tell of their experiences.
In 2015, Loftus Hall started working with an Irish paranormal investigation team, hosting public paranormal investigation Lockdown events, and these provided us with a fantastic opportunity to create the ideal conditions to capture and log paranormal activity.
We now keep a paranormal activity log on site, and anyone visiting Loftus Hall can access this log and add to it with their own experiences.
The paranormal investigation team have recently carried out some private investigations, and have been capturing EVP recordings which certainly seem to indicate a strong presence beyond out realm at Loftus Hall.
Some of these can be found on our Facebook page of anyone is interested in listening to them.

Do you know who it is haunted by and why it is haunted?
The most well known spirit presence associated with Loftus Hall is that of Lady Anne Tottenham Loftus.
Lady Anne was the youngest daughter of the family who were resident at Loftus Hall in the year 1765 when a tall, dark, handsome stranger arrived at Loftus Hall looking for shelter in a storm.
Legend claims that whilst this charming stranger was invited to stay at the Hall for as long as he wished, he and Lady Anne fell instantly in love.
However, one night, during a card game, Lady Anne dropped a card on the floor and when she bent down to pick up the card, she noticed with horror that the handsome stranger had kicked off his shoes and he had cloven hooves for feet. She screamed and fell unconscious, and having been identified as the Devil he truly was, the stranger flew into a fire ball of rage, and shot up through the roof, leaving the stench of sulphur and brimstone in his wake.
Following this horrific experience, Lady Anne lost her mind, and was subsequently locked away in the Tapestry Room at Loftus Hall for the remainder of her life.
Not many realise that Loftus Hall was always considered a "haunted" Hall long before this incident, but when Lady Anne eventually passed on, the ghostly activity at the Hall increased significantly, and this pattern has continued ever since.

Are the spirits that reside at the Hall friendly or malevolent?
A variety of spirits have connected with guests to Loftus Hall.
In our paranormal lockdown events, a very popular spirit is "Michael" who either frequents the card room or the upper floor. He does have a bit of an eye for the ladies, and so generally responds much better to female "call outs".
A child spirit has also been experienced a number of times upstairs, and this spirit is very playful, but oftentimes this spirit quickly disappears and is replaced by a much more malevolent male one.
To feel the atmosphere change completely can be very frightening.
Lady Anne is an interesting spirit, neither friendly or malevolent.
Many people do feel a strong sense of sadness in the Tapestry room, and really feel the tragedy of her story.
She has made herself known a number of times, and does seem to feel a strong connection to Billy, one of the investigating team.

What are the qualifications, skills and abilities if the staff?
The staff at Loftus are predominantly students, who have strong interpersonal skills and incredible story-telling and guiding skills.
All our paranormal events are hosted by our third party paranormal investigation team, as they are the experts in this area.

How many people can be accommodated?
Loftus Hall is not habitable, and therefore there are no accommodation options available to visitors.
We do have a variety of tour options: house tour, historical tour, paranormal lockdown, Halloween tours etc.
All details of these, availability, and booking can be found on our website booking page: www.loftushall.ie/booking

What facilities do you have?
Facilities include:
Gift Shop
Tour & Facilities are Wheelchair Accessible
On Site Parking
Toilet Facilities
Free Wi-Fi
Private Beach
Courtyard Seating & retail area
Fairy Door Trail within the Walled Gardens

Additional information:
Tour option prices vary depending on your preferred experience option, and all prices can be found on our website booking page: www.loftushall.ie/booking
A full calendar with all our opening dates can also be found on our website: www.loftushall.ie/calendar
Our website - where much more information can be found - is www.loftushall.ie

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