Friday, 11 March 2016

The Madeline Stuart Story & Interview

Madeline Stuart is a young beautiful and remarkable Australian woman who is an inspiration to many.
Madeline has Down Syndrome but that has not stopped her from working hard and achieving her dream.
Although some people discriminate against disability, the model agency has welcomed Madeline with open arms.
Madeline has been recognised with the "Melange Model of The Year" and she even has her very own namesake bag too.

I also need to mention Madeline's mother and manager, Rosanne who has been a huge support to her daughter.

You can follow Madeline via her social dedia page on Facebook.

Also here is a link to her website.

Madeline is the ambassador and a founder of a dance company called Inside "Outside Theatre Company" which launched a Dance Ensemble.
The Dance Ensemble was established for young people with disabilities who have talent to move towards working professionally in the industry.
Please click on the Go Fund Me 
Any donation, big or small can help.


My Interview With Madeline Stuart.

Name: Madeline Stuart

Age: 19

What disability do you have?
Down Syndrome

How does your disability affect your daily life?
I am reliant on my mum for a lot of things.
I need her to take me to places as I can’t drive and we have no public transport where I live.

When and why did you decide to become a model?
In August 2014 I went to a fashion parade and decided that is what I wanted to do.

What agency do you work for?
I don’t have an agency, I wish I did.

How did you feel at your very first photo shoot?
Like a princess, I love doing photoshoots.

Have you met any celebrities through your work?
A few but we are just all people, some of us are just more well known.

Are your family and friends supportive of your career?
My mum and my friends are supportive, there has been a few that were not but I have to live my life how I want to.

What are your thoughts on the "size 0" debate within the model industry?
I am a size 0 so I fall within that scale.
I do think it silly that we usually only portray one sort of individual on the runway as that is like reading a fairy tale. It does not reflect real life.

Can you share any beauty tips with me? Don’t wear to much makeup, try to be as natural as possible

What advice would you give someone wanting to be a model?
Believe in yourself and be true to yourself.

Finally, don't let anyone ever put you down or tell you that you can't do something.
Disability or not, the World we live in has many doors to open with many wonderful and exciting opportunities along the way.


Monday 18th April 2016

Madeline's manager Rosanne has emailed me an update which I've added below.

Leaving for moscow.

Madeline stuart model

I thought I might send you this, we are currently at the airport about to leave for Russia. I have attached the program and some photos from this morning of Maddy’s last gym session on the way to the airport and her friends that came and saw her off.

The professional photos were taken last week on our block of land in Brisbane that have just come through. Photographer Saidie Creative.

Hi we are happy to supply you some pictures but I would need you to link Madeline's social media in your story which is below, if you can only link one please link FB.


Please send me the link once it is online so I can post it and if it is printed please send us a copy to the address below.

Kind regards

Rosanne Stuart


Madeline Stuart Modelings



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