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The ISPCA is the Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The ISPCA promote animal welfare, prevent cruelty to animals and relieve animal suffering.

These people show determination, persistence, kindness and love to help care for and protect the lives of innocent animals in Ireland.

It costs approximately €50,000 per year per inspector to keep on the roads in Ireland.
This covers uniform, vehicle costs, logistical costs and support.

Did you know that the penalties issued are as such:
If a person is convicted of an offence he/she can be fined €5,000 or €250,000 if on indictment.
If a person is convicted of an offence he/she maybe sent to prison for up to 6 months or 5 years if on indictment.
A person convicted may also be banned from buying, owning or caring for animal for a certain period of time or even for life.

The website for the ISPCA is
There is lots of valid information on the website plus a shop selling wonderful gifts and if you'd like to make a donation to this very worthy cause you can do so by clicking the DONATE button on the.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the person behind the following Facebook page.
Here are my questions and the answers that were given.


What is the ISPCA Inspector For Co. Mayo on about?
This page is about funding an ISPCA inspector which Co. Mayo does not have at this time.
A small group of highly experienced and dedicated friends who removed themselves from a rescue they could not support, chose to put their efforts into helping ALL the rescues and animals of Co. Mayo by beginning this campaign.

What is the location of the Mayo ISPCA?
There is no " Mayo ISPCA" per se, the way it works is through affiliates, who agree to follow ISPCA guidelines & policies.
It can be quite a stringent application and approval process & can be removed if the ISPCA feels they are not adhering to the policies.
The current affiliate for the ISPCA in Mayo is the Mayo SPCA in Ballyhaunis.

How many ISPCA facilities are in Ireland?
There are currently 22 SPCAs affiliated to the ISPCA and two main facilities connected with the ISPCA itself.

What was the first ISPCA established in Ireland and by whom?
The ISPCA is a national charity and was established in May 1949, by a group of committed volunteers from across Ireland, and since then the ISPCA has worked locally and nationally rescuing, rehabilitating and responsibly re-homing cruelly treated and neglected animals
The reason we began this campaign is because of the stronger powers an ISPCA Inspector has as opposed to the limited powers of other rescues.
While doing much of the same work as the rescues, they also have the power to immediately remove animals they feel are at risk.
More importantly have the power to initiate prosecutions.
This is vital in stopping cruelty, neglect and abandonment and hopefully as more prosecutions occur, the penalties will fit the crimes.
The Inspectors will also work with people, helping them do the best for their animals and are very much interested in education in responsible animal care.

What animals do the ISPCA care for?
The ISPCA will mainly work with dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, but will investigate cases for other species (cattle, reptiles, birds etc)

Do the ISPCA take part in fundraising?
The ISPCA work purely on donations and a small govt grant, so would very much be creating events and fundraisers to help their work.
Each affiliate is in charge of raising their own funds and applying for the various gov't grants.

What are your own personal views on the welfare of animals, blood sports and circus animals?
Myself, I am against the use of animals for any entertainment or purpose which involves causing them pain, loss of freedom, or forcing them to act in any way that is against their nature.
The ISPCA is currently running a campaign to ban the use of animals in circuses, they also have several other ongoing and active campaigns ...
From their website :
"The ISPCA continues to actively campaign Nationally and
internationally against live export of horses for slaughter, the
plight of Circus Animals, Exotic Animal legislation, Stray and
unwanted dog situation within Ireland, Irish Greyhound Industry,
Whaling, Bullfighting, Wild birds for pet trade, Seal Hunting, Against
live cattle exports to Middle East, Intensive Dog Breeding
Establishment Bill, Animal Health and Welfare Bill, Dangerous Wild
Animals, Stray and Feral cat situation within Ireland to name a few".

Yes or no, do you think animal welfare should be taught in school across Ireland and why?
Definitely yes, from the day they begin school I think children should learn about responsible animal care as part of the curriculum.
The ISPCA is involved with "Educate Together" with lessons plans
Schools and Teachers can use for this.

If you would like more details & information about the ISPCA, their
website is

If you would like to know more about the campaign to fund an ISPCA
Inspector for Co. Mayo our website is
our email is

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