Monday, 9 May 2016

When Boy Becomes Girl

Kieron was a handsome boy but felt he was given the wrong boy, rather than play with toy cars Kieron was more at ease with dolls and prams.

As he grew from a toddler into a child he felt his body was wrong for him and rather than grow up to be a man like his daddy he wanted to be a beautiful lady like his mummy.

His loving parents Caroline and Lee were 100% understanding from the moment their son Keiron said he wanted to be their daughter instead of their son.

Caroline and Lee have supported and continue to support their child, now living as a girl called Keira.

Male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender it doesn't matter to Chuter family and it shouldn't matter to anyone else either.


An Interview With Caroline (mother of a transgender child)

What are your names and ages?
Caroline Chuter  (36) mother
Lee Chuter (39) father
Keira (10) daughter
Lewis (7) son
Aidon (6) son

When did your child (Kieron/Keira) start showing signs of a female nature?
At age 4-5 when she started pinching tea towels and using them as skirts.

What was your child's favourite toy(s)?
Prams and Dolls

At what age did your child want to become a girl?
At age 4-5, but showed signs age 2-3

When and why did you buy skirts and dresses for your child?
I bought dresses when Keria was age 4-5 years old because she showed her interest in wanting to be  a girl.

When Kieron said he wanted to be called Alice, what did you say?
When she said she wanted to be Alice we were understanding and called her Alice as this is the name she choose, although after a while she choose name Keira due to liking it more and realising it will be easier because its similar to her birth name which is Kieron.

At school and in public he was Kieron but at home she was Alice, how did your child adjust to that?
She adjusted quiet good although she was sad on occasions, as she didn't have the confidence in herself to be Alice outside the house.

How did you, as a family, adjust to the situation?
We adjusted quickly and easy for her sake and stood by her and gave her all the support she needed.

When did you and your child attend an appointment at the Gender Clinic?
She was 8 years old when she first attended Travistock & Portman in Leeds.

What was the outcome?
The appointment was great and we were mainly talking about her life and any questions she had.

When was your child diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria
Keira was diagnoised only a few months ago with Gender Dysphoria, this was only by word of mouth though and no paper diagnosis has been giving as yet.

When did Alice want to be called Keira and why?
I can't remember the exact time she wanted to be called Keira, it was around early 2015 I think.
She said it will be easier.

When was the "name" officially changed by deed poll?
We changed the name by Deed Poll in December 2015.

The Head Teacher at Keira's school visited you at home, arranged an assembly in relation to transgender issues and planned to erect a "Gender Neutral" toilet cubicle at school.
If you could give a message to the school Head Teacher, what would you say?
I would thank the Head Teacher for all her help and support and the teachers and pupils also.

Please tell me about the facebook page documenting Keira's journey?
The facebook page is set to secret for friends and family only as we had a few "internet trolls" enter.

Will Keira start transitioning and if so what will the process be?
Keira will be starting hormone blockers when she starts the second stage of puberty, age 12-14 and then again at 16-17 she will be given hormones (HRT) and at 18+ possibly operations if wanted.

What advice would you give other parents/guardians of transgender children?
The advice I would give would be to support and listen to your child in what they want, and to gain professional advice too.


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  1. thanks for all ur support and great piece xxx

  2. That's amaizing, respect to the parents for understanding and supporting her, she's lucky to have you x